Jules & Moss – Double False Face

Jules & Moss are an eclectic French duo who’ve already released on esteemed labels such as Dirtybird, Souvenir and Upon You. Their most recent foray into the world of in-depth house music sees them turn out on Thrill of It, a new label founded by their compatriot, Acumen. The release we’re referring to is the boys’ debut LP, the brilliant Double False Face, which is a stunning collection that encapsulates all that’s great about their sound. We checked in with the lads recently for a brief chat, as they answered the typical questions about the record…

Describe the record in five words.
Debut, patient, questioning, test, different! If that makes sense!?

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?
Its diversity and the fact that it’s pretty different to what we’ve done before. (J)

We’ve played almost all of these tunes for a year in a lot of various places, and each time, we’ve had so much nice feedbacks from the people a such great atmosphere from the crowd dancing to it.

So we hope new people are feeling it just as much now that it’s out there (M)

How does it differ from your last release?
It’s not that different, but it’s more about the logical moving of our musical trajectory

What was the inspiration for this release?
We’re inspired by so many things really. But trying to answer that question is sort of difficult…we really just followed our feelings.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?
Panorama Bar or DC10 would both be pretty amazing…

Artist: Jules & Moss
Title: Double False Face
Label: Thrill of It
Release Date: 26/01/15
Catalogue Number: TOI 004

1. Double False Face
2. 102
3. Choosing Life
4. Transorcière
5. Mega Socks
6. Speaker On
7. Aquasmoke
8. And Switch Off The Light
9. Fou Ya
10. Prohibate For Her
11. Luminosity

The Thrill of It label is proud to present the first full length album from Jules & Moss entitled Double False Face.

French pair Jules & Moss have worked together since 2010 on labels like Dirtybird, Souvenir and Kittball Records and have won acclaim from DJs and dancers alike for their fresh beats. This pair grew up with rock, jazz, classic and started playing drums and piano very young. They are situated at a crossroads of various influences and their style is characterized by a unique sense of atmosphere that never loses sight of the main things, namely groove and bass for dancing.

Dynamic percussion, attractive melodies and atypical voices characterise the album from the off. Tracks are musical and moody, with organic pianos laid over great and sombre grooves. From deep house to stripped back minimal this pair can do it all as evidenced by cuts like ‘102’ and ‘Transorciere’.

‘Speaker On’ is more of an off kilter, large house style track with crisp drums, muddled percussion and great vocals, whilst ‘Fou Ya’ heads down a more late night, meaning path with its melodic baseline and increasingly angsty synths. ‘Prohibate For Her’ is another fine example of ow this pair cook up sweaty, tumbling groves that sound leak little else.

This music is also inspired by this pair’s live show, featuring electronic interfaces and drum machines in sweet harmony. As such there is an accomplished sense of arrangement in the music here, which unravels with real story telling narrative and will keep heads as well as heels occupied.

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