We’ve been taking video cameras into clubs to make films about DJs and producers since 2006 – long before the fashion for aftermovies caught on.

Initially our films were an add on to our online magazine, EQ. Now we’re putting our skills to work making films for a list of clients who include Soma Records, Slam Events, Electric Frog, Riverside Festival, RockNess, Musika, Nightvision, Darkroom Dubs, Bulletdodge Records, Big Beach Ball, Animal Farm, Platform18, Tantric, Cryptiq, DC Sessions and Pyramatrix.

We shoot at full HD on up to three cameras, can record broadcast-quality audio from your event, and can turn around most films within seven working days.

We’ve also got more than 10 years’ experience of working in music journalism, so if you need an interview filmed, we can compile and ask the questions.

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