Record Of The Day…Kris Williams – Whale

Artist: Kris Williams:

Track: Whale

Label: PeeQ

Release: Out Now

Very much in his own lane, Madrid-based producer Kris Williams is steadily making a name for himself, having curated a specialist sound that seeks to take the listener on a serene, water-based journey of chilled proportions. Whale, his debut release with PeeQ Records, is an apt spirit beast for his EP of the same name, swimming in the heavy-pressure depths of the ocean occasionally surfacing for light and air.

The essence of this track is one of bass and space, it’s dub-driven tone very much imitating that essence of floating that the British-born producer has crafted down to perfection.

Zone in, to let ‘Whale’ zone you out.

Describe the record in five words.

Altitude dropping submarine whale rave

 What is it about the record that will appeal to the fans?

While Whale is glued together by a downtime dubbish bass swelling sound, the EP takes us on a journey, although not a linear one, there are timelines criss-crossing over 4 dimensional space.

How does it differ from your last release?

This is way more likely to work on the dance floor. Releases over previous years have been in the IDM and dubstep vein (8 years ago) This is a new sound for me, bass heavy and spacious, one that works in the club and just to chill to at home.

What was the inspiration for this release?

Hearing some fantastic live acts at LEV festival who just energised me and reanimated my hunger to create music that moves, bodies and souls. 

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?

Short of taking this underwater and having a kind of scuba rave, I hear the low bass rumble of boat engines attracts whales, so maybe we would have some visitors,  I’d like to take this into the belly of the earth. I heard of a rave cave in Krakow Poland for Unsound festival, I think Whale might just do the place justice. 

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