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Natasha Kitty Katt is a young artist that is slowly but surely making her mark on the world Funk, Soul and Disco scene.  With the help of her Ghetto Disco radio show, well received sets at iconic festivals such as Southport Weekender and SunceBeats, and now releases on her own vinyl only label, EQTV caught up with Natasha ahead of her headline slot at famous Dubai club 360° to find out more…

Music and specifically soul and disco have been a big part of your life from an early age. What is your earliest memory of music?
My earliest memory of music would go back to Modern Soul and my Dad spinning 45’s in the living room from morning until the wee hours. I remember this genre being the reason why I fell in love with Soul music in the first place. The raw emotion within the music, the quality of instrumentation and the overall feeling it gave me was on another level to anything else I had heard before. Stand out tracks for me would include, “Independent Woman” by Jan Jones, “What About My Love” by “Johnny Taylor, “How Could You Break My Heart” by Bobby Womack and “How Can I Go On Without You” by Corey Blake to name a few.

At what age did music start to take on a more serious meaning in your life?
Music has always been a serious part of my life, whether it was initially through listening, enjoying, absorbing through to today when I am trying to transition the passion into a profession. The turning point where I decided I wanted to get involved in DJing, happened when I went to the Sky Bar to see Ladies on Rotation back in 2012. The whole atmosphere was special. The unity, the vibes, the people – I felt like I was home. I am now a part of this group and it’s one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and has helped shaped me into the DJ I am today.

At what point were you aware of your dads’ involvement in the music scene?
Ever since I can remember, there has always been music playing whenever I’m with my Dad. Records are stashed everywhere in house and I remembering being packed off to stay with my grandparents so that my mum and dad could enjoy their music events and soul weekenders, haha. Fully understand it!

How instrumental was your dads’ taste in music in the music your musical upbringing and what you play now?
It has been key. I absolutely adore Modern Soul and you can still hear the strong influence of that in the music I play. My Dad is very eclectic from soul, funk to jazz, house etc. I would say I am more heavily into the Disco side of things, Disco is more my thing.

Was there any point where you might have gone down a different musical route?
I had my young teenage rebellion stage with Rock music when I was 13. I used to play guitar and go to all to the concerts fanatically. I can still appreciate rock music, but I am so glad I went back to my roots!

You have played at quite a few of the important soul/disco events in the calendar, namely SunceBeat and Southport. How did it feel to be asked to play at these events?
I still have to do a double take when I see my name on the flyers. I am unbelievably lucky and grateful to have been given such amazing opportunities. Playing Southport changed my life.

What has been your most memorable gig to date and what made it so memorable?
Southport without a doubt. Nothing will ever top that gig for me. It was a turning point in my career. I can remember finishing my set in the Suncebeat Dome at the last ever Southport Weekender with the classis Terry Callier – I Don’t Want To See Myself (Without You) and the place went wild. I was lucky enough that my friend Ben Brophy (SPW resident) managed to capture that magical moment on film. I hope it’s the last memory I have before I die!

How is the scene in your hometown of Edinburgh right now?
Scotland has a fantastic Soul and Disco centric music scene and is also home to some incredible house music DJs and producers. There are so many new nights popping up around the capital. Massive kudos to ‘The Borough Collective’ guys who are really taking the music scene to the next level. Every Saturday at Cabaret Voltaire, you can expect a night of exceptional music for people in the know and those that are about to find out. From House, Disco, Soul, Funk – these guys have got it covered. Ladies on Rotation always is a treat for this sort of thing too.

You have just had the first release on your vinyl label Ghetto Disco, how does it feel?
Surreal, if I was to put it in one word. It’s such an exciting new venture and something my Dad and I have spoken about for a while. To see our idea turn into a tangible product is really something special.

Why did you opt to go down the vinyl route?
I love vinyl. First and foremost, it will always be my favourite format. I’m an avid record collector (got my dad to thank for this fantastic disease). We wanted to stay authentic to what we love.

Tell us about the first release from the talented Mr Serge Gamesbourg?
“The Cool, The Hip & The Square” is a cheeky take on the tune that inspired the record label. This track has sharp, funky tones with a contemporary vibe and is perfect for the dance floor. It has already experienced fantastic feedback and demand. Whether it’s a disco set or a funk set, this track will integrate seamlessly. “Bring Them Back Together” is the epitome of the classic orchestral Philly sound brought up to date. This is perfect material for a warm-up set that would also work oh so well in the sunshine.

How did you decide on who would be the first artist on the label?
Serge was a guest on my radio show, “Ghetto Disco”. He made a few exclusives tracks for this mix and I had to grab them. There was no way I was letting them go! It felt right. I had been a fan of Serge’s and really wanted to showcase his expertise. We are delighted he agreed and absolutely honoured to have the man on my label.

What releases do you have up your sleeve for Ghetto Disco?
I’m planning to put out some cuts on this label but you can also expect Disco greatness from the likes of Javi Frias, iMFROMUL etc, but that’s all you are getting for now ;)

Will we be seeing releases from you soon?
I have been working on an array of Disco re-edits – some of which I will be putting out on my label, alongside original material. It’s going to be a busy year.

You also have a radio show by the same name, tell us more about that and what you have coming up?
This year we aim to do more interviews with Soul acts and keep up the guest mixes from well known DJs and producers on the scene. We’ve already got a lot of great things lined up for 2017.

You will also shortly be flying out to perform at one of Dubai’s most iconic clubs: 360°. What are your thoughts on the scene there or will you be deciding after the gig?
All I have heard from people heavily involved in the music scene is of how incredible the club is. I am beyond excited and so delighted to have been asked to play.

Where will we be able to catch you playing this summer?
Winter Music Conference (Miami), Dope Disco, Liverpool Disco Festival, Southport Weekender (London), Suncebeat plus more TBA.

You can catch Natasha in action at 360°, Jumeirah Beach Hotel on Friday, March 2. More details can be found here.


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