With tINI’s relentless touring schedule taking in all corners of the globe, it is small wonder she is yet to touch down in the jewel of the Middle East’s clubbing crown – Dubai. In advance of her playing the last party of the year for the unstoppable Plus Minus crew, I caught up with the lady her self to find out how her tINI and the Gang parties in Ibiza have gone and also to chat about her new releases in the works….

You have just put the finishing touches to another summer in Ibiza, what was the stand out parties for you?

The last month of tINI and the gang held at Lip’s were some of my favorites parties. Although I really enjoyed the beach vibe at no name, the intimate setting of lips added a whole new touch to the day into nighttime party. One of the sets that I enjoyed playing the most was the back to back that I shared with Bill Patrick, I always enjoy a good back to back and that day the vibe was untouchable.

Much has been said about the changes on the island, what is your take on the current state of affairs there?

Well it is obvious that the crowd at the parties have been changing. Not just at my parties, but all other parties that I played as well. More and more tourists have been attending the parties when in past years it has been a lot of familiar faces and people from the island. It seems that things are moving more towards the upper class.

The police have been getting involved in shutting down a few parties too including your own at No Name Beach, how has that affected the overall vibe on the island?

It has shed light on the fact that the island is inevitably changing. To all of the locals it just showcased the gradual decline in the party scene that is taken place. It put a bit of a downward feeling over the whole island. Not many of the usual party- goers have been going out. More and more people are deciding to enjoy the island in other ways aside from the music to try to see some of the beauty the island still has. It has definitely been a sad time for the music this summer and the whole island suffers because of it.

Your tINI and the Gang parties have really been hitting their stride the last few years, what do you have coming up that you are most excited about?

Well, I have the chance to do a tINI and the gang in Cairo this year, a place I have never been. I have always been fascinated with the history and culture there, and the fact that my music can bring me there means more to me than I could put into words.

What is the next step for the brand?

No major changes. The concept of tINI and the gang remains to continue showcasing new talent and underground artists that generally remain under the radar. I feel with this constant theme, the brand could never get old because the artists are constantly changing and evolving.

What can we expect from you release wise coming up?

I am currently working on a new album which I am pretty excited about. I have just taken a small holiday to work in the studio and things are looking good at the moment.

You make your Dubai debut for Plus Minus shortly, will this be your first visit to the region? What is your take on the scene there?

It is my first time playing in Dubai and I am very excited as I always am when playing in new places. I cant really speak on the scene there but all of my friends that have played there have told me great things.

How do you approach playing in a new country?

Well I usually follow my first impression of the venue I am playing based on the size, the people, and the feel of the club. After my initial feeling I am usually a good judge of where to start from. I always jump around a bit and play a mix of everything until I find my niche. From there I just let my intuition lead the way and usually it works out.

For a taste of what to expect, here is a brand new mix from tINI…..

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