With Karina jetting off around the world playing some of the best clubs and festivals there is, it is great to hear that she holds 2 clubs in the highest esteem. So much so that she calls Zoo Project in Ibiza (amongst other places) and Analog Room in Dubai home. It is the latter that she will be returning to tonight after some time to show the crowds some love. We caught up with Karina to find out how her summer season has been…

You have just had another busy summer, what has been some of the highlights?

K: This summer has been absolutely rocking! Have been to so many places and met so many incredible people, danced to great music and tried delicious food! One of the highlights was playing at the Who’s Who festival in Ensenada, Mexico – the crowd was so fun, the scenery exotic and the organizers very professional. I believe I had the best ceviche in my life down there too!

Back in Europe one of the best moments was for sure playing mainstage at The Zoo Project closing in Ibiza. The energy, quality of sound and the view of a few thousand-people having a blast – that was truly magical!

What has been the biggest track for you this summer? Where did it go off best?

K: For me personally one of the best tracks of this summer is: “Loose Beat” of Oliver Dollar and Crazy P on Yoruba Records – it’s got such a Detroit feeling and excellent arrangement! I played a sunrise set in Dallas, TX on my birthday in June and everybody lost their minds, when that track came on!

How has island life been this season?

K: I have not been living full time on Ibiza throughout the whole season for 3 years now, so I only fly in for my gigs. One thing is for sure: the island is extremely busy!

There seems to be changes coming on Ibiza, what have you taken note of?

K: I really like to come and revisit all my favorite spots, from having a sunset to Experimental Beach, a drink at Bar1805 or eating the best paella at El Carmen at Cala d’Hort. The Dalt Vila castle is also still standing and the Madagascar Bar is open in Plaza del parque. ;)

Yes, there is no more Space Ibiza and the law has become stricter in some ways, but the truth is that the island is changing every season, still many things stay the same. You can, could and always will find everything there – a variety of music, people, expectations, quality and regardless of the changes there are cool people, who come from all over the world to dance! Maybe a bit more now than before.

Will these changes make you think twice about spending your summers there in future?

K: Many years ago, in September, I asked Ricardo Villalobos why he had not played Cocoon for almost a month and he told me only: “I don’t like August”. And somehow now, when the island is that popular and busy in the high season I don’t come during August either. A whole season is not possible anymore, due to my international bookings however there is only one island like that in the world, so I will always come back to my island.

What artists and DJ’s have been doing it for you this season?

K:  Definitely Carl Craig playing Zoo Evolution in Ibiza was something special! Production wise I’m a huge fan of the Swiss duo Mountain People and this year their tracks like “La Onda” have not left my record bag! Clara da Costas Jack’s House label is also something to look out for – the new V/A is amazing!

What new releases do you have up your sleeve?

K: The last few months have been so busy with travelling there frankly hasn’t been time for production, however The Zoo Project will be launching a new label and we are already discussing and choosing some of my tracks for that. Thankfully after my US tour in November I am taking a break from travelling and will go back to the studio in Oslo for at least a few months.

You will be returning to your residency at Analog Room in Dubai tonight. What is it about Analog Room that you love enough to become a resident?

Analog Room has been the most solid underground electronic party in the Middle East for several years now. Bringing up and coming artists as well as top notch names from the worldwide underground house and techno scene to Dubai. They stand out with bookings, professionality ergo quality of delivery, technical support and are reliable and incredible people that have become my friends. It’s a pleasure to come here and super fun to play for such a mixed crowd. Can’t wait for tonight’s Analog Room show with Siamak Amidi!

Karina plays Analog Room tonight in Dubai…

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