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One Records has long been a haven for up and coming UK artists and has given a lot of artists a platform from which to launch highly successful careers – Acid Mondays, Jordan Peak and jozif to name but a few. Not to mention the fact that it is ran by two of the UK’s finest house exports in Subb-an and Adam Shelton. EQTV caught up with Adam prior to his show in Dubai for the consistently on-point Plus Minus crew….

You’ve had a busy summer with plenty dates in Barcelona and Ibiza, is this a time you especially look forward to or is the constant travelling an issue for you?

Yes summer has been really good this year, probably my favourite one actually. I love traveling it’s a real buzz, I know some people find it lonely or tedious but I think it’s cool to have time on your own, planning things, people watching, trying new things is all a good side to what i do.

Do you have time to enjoy yourself while you are in places like Ibiza or do you have to always keep a level head? How do you balance the two?

Ibiza is a place where I have a lot of friends and as much as chilling is on the cards it’s hard when you have friends that are so locked in to life there and want to slip in and out of the parties, i say it’s hard it’s not at all, it’s cool having options to do both. There is a lot of people that are really settled on the island doing good stuff and making a nice life so it’s always interesting to see what is happening.


What other bookings do you have coming up this summer that you are especially looking forward to?

I have just got back from the Dominican Republic, which was really cool, it was my first time there and I was really surprised how cool the scene was there. I played at a party called Chinese laundry and loved it!

Also there is a big bank holiday coming up at the end of August in the UK, it’s the last one of the year so gigs are always strong that weekend I am playing in Manchester and Birmingham.

Collection 3” has just dropped on One Records, tell us about the VA and the tracks/artists you have chosen for this release?

The VA is very much a crew based release, at one records we are really focusing over the next year to push forward and show people what we are made of. The crew is stronger than ever and all making nice music, also everybody on board is having good success with their own projects so this is the start of the push with the VA.

What plans do you have for One Records parties you can let us in on?

We will be doing a party next week in Berlin at Watergate with Subb-an, Diego Krause and myself, the Wednesday’s at Watergate are always tight and at this time of year can go on all morning. We are planning our winter schedule now with parties around the uk and Europe and a party in Rio de Janiero in November.

What other releases and collaborations do you have coming up?

I have just had a release out on NYC’s Inmotion Records which is doing really well. This is a remix of proudly people and Halo Varga feat Mr V. It was a cool project to work on as the parts were great and getting to use a Mr V vocal was really cool. My next release after that is on one records and is a remix of Subb-an’s track titled ‘Only Now’ and will be out around November time.

With your Below parties now sadly finished, what has come in to fill the void in both yours and Birmingham’s life?

There is plenty going on in Birmingham at the moment, Cloak n Dagger parties, Social Underground, The Blackbox and Lab11 all firing and making cool bookings. I do miss Below big time but it ended at the right time so I can’t think anything but positive thoughts towards it.

It has been some time since you last played in Dubai, have you been keeping tabs on the scene here from friends who have recently played? What’s yours and the general thought on the circuit of the Dubai scene?

The scene is looking cool from what I can gather, it seems like there are some really good bookings making their way to Dubai, there is a lot of options and parties to choose from and I am really looking forward to coming back to play. I have been checking out plus minus and the venue looks cool and the parties seem to have a strong vibe so let’s hope Friday is no exception.

Until then… :)

Adam headlines Plus Minus Summer Sessions Friday 5th August, warm up will come from our very own TODD. For more info on the event click here….

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