Ricardo Baez – ‘Forbidden Colours EP’

Describe the record in five words.

Mystic, obsessive, Dark, Strong, intimate.

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?

Forbidden Colours is a step into my music world.. I’d Like to call it “dark house” with a very big influence of Japanese’s culture. It’s not house, it’s not techno and it’s not Deep house. I think will appeal to the fans for this reason.

How does it differ from your last release?

My last release was on Rebirth Records and it’s more houesey with big influences from of all my backgrounds (soul/ blues/ jazz). On the other hand this e.p looks to the future and to my deep thoughts.

What was the inspiration for this release?

Some months ago, I saw a “Butoh” show.. And I was fascinated by the beauty of this dance, it was so special and theatrical. So I studied all the history about this culture and I found some beautiful words and meanings that inspired me for this e.p.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?

I played These tracks 2 month ago at Corsic Studios in London and was very fun to see people follow the flow. A beautiful club and people.

I think another good dimension for playing these, could be a dark and smoky club, with a perfect and powerful soundsystem. Maybe next time in Berlin or properly in Japan :)

Artist: Ricardo Baez
Title: Forbidden Colours EP
Label: Exotic Refreshment
Release: April 6th 2015
Cat. No. EXRV009
Format: Vinyl/digital

Polish label Exotic Refreshment has been doing its independent thing since 2007, releasing high quality house and techno music that gets spun by the likes of Sasha and Tensnake. Now they look to young Italian-Venezuelan talent Ricardo Baez for two new tracks that come with expert remixes by Edgar Peng, Fragile Signal and David Jach.

Inspired by Chicago house and Detroit techno, Baez debuted in 2012 and has gone on to impress with releases on Toy Tonics, as well as holding down his high profile residency at Tropical Animals.

‘Butoh’ opens the EP in steely, nervy fashion with skittish synths scurrying over rooted house drums. There’s a shiny progressive like vibe to the synths that really suck you in and give off the air of flying through the cosmos whilst a heavenly vocal cry only adds fuel to the fire. Remixer David Jach is a someone who often has tracks in the Beatport Top 20, as well as having done an electronic concert with members of a philharmonic orchestra. His version of ‘Butoh’ is a stripped back and bumpy deep house cut with subtle vocals used as a repetitive hook. Chord stabs add warmth but this one is all about lo-key, high impact grooviness. An instrumental mix comes as a digital bonus.

The other original is ‘I Need You’, a soft edged and supple roller with rubbery synths and rounded drums. The sound of footsteps adds intrigue to the groove and when the bassline drops again amongst the sound of rainy melodies, you really get swept up.

Berlin based Edgar Peng then turns out a deep and atmospheric remix that has whispered vocals, smeared, soulful chords and oodles of late night charm. Buy the EP digitally and you’ll also get treated to a more kinetic and upright tech house re-rub by Fragile Signal. Every mood and dance floor is catered for with this excellent new EP from one of Poland’s best labels.

1. Butoh (Original Mix)
2. Butoh (David Jach Remix)
3. I Need You (Original Mix)
4. I Need You (Edgar Peng Remix)
5. I Need You (Fragile Signal Remix) – digital only
6. Butoh (Instrumental Mix) – digital only

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