Record Of The Day… Obrotka – Stage Whisper

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Artist – Obrotka

Title – Stage Whisper

Label – Astronaut Music

Release Date – 17th March 2016


Ever since 2008, Astronaut Music has been showcasing a wide spectrum of essential dance sounds and now they offer up another essential EP.

This time it features an original by the Hungarian label boss himself, aka Norbert Obrotka, who has been DJing since the 90s and has had many club hits since, but the track is remixed by Chris Ronson and Petar Dundov.

Petar Dundov goes first, he has been turning out killer techno for 15 years now, and does so on Music Man Records most often. His take on ‘Stage Whisper’ is full of fat, rasping bass and moody atmospheres. His well crafted melodies dangle in midway and add a real air of suspense and mystery to the groove.

The second version is from a fellow Hungarian, Ronson who quickly shot up through the ranks. He has worked under different names before now but releases on labels like Creation Records, Fever Sound, Renaissance and more. His remix is a perfectly deep, seductive and supple one that is full of late night intrigue. His percussion is loose yet sharp, his drums fluid yet engaging, and overall the track is perfectly emotional and expertly serene.

This is a brilliant and timeless release from an always on point label.


Describe the record in five words.

Hypnotic, emotional, timeless, main-time piece

What is it about the record that will appeal to the fans?

Well, the original version from Stage Whisper is still a bestseller, my fans loved it, Herbey I thank! This release has even more emotion, mysterious and magical ambiance. The version from Petar Dundov has a bit of a ‘blue mood’, but at the same time is dynamic enough to kill the dancefloor. I find this duality very exiting. Chriss Ronson’s Switch remix shows a totally different face for this track. Deep, dark, seductive, and take you right away in club mood J

All, they loved the original, will be a big fan from this release too, I’m sure!

How does it differ from your last release?

I think my last release was a bit happier and lighter, like this one. But to be honest, even if it has a typical sound of me, all my releases are different. I would not want categorize myself. I love the diversity of my dj set as well by my releases, which of course doesn’t mean that one day I would play or release EDM! Even if it is very cliché as it sounds, but the key is to have something to tell with my music. What kind of story is born, by the end? This is a multi-player story where I, the crowd, the venue and the atmosphere plays an equally important role.

What was the inspiration for this release?

As I wrote, the original version of  ‘Stage Whisper’ was, and is still a best-seller. Thats why, we thought about a possible re-release, but we wanted to find the right remixers, who fit to the label. We were really happy as they both said yes for the request. It was a honour to work with these guys. Dundov and Ronson are truly amazing producers, we are all very satisfied about the end-result, and looking forward for the release.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?

Ritter Butzke , Berghain/Panorama Bar, Fabric, DC10/Ibiza, Tokyo/Womb, Rex Club/Paris, would be awesome!


Check out the remixes below…

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