Record Of The Day: Fovus Loîr – Missing Pieces

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Artist – Fovus Loîr

Title – Missing Pieces

Label – Touch Of Class

Release Date – Out Now

It is with excitement and pride that Touch of Class Records unveils the music of Fovus Loîr — the new moniker of Daniel Gardner (aka Frivolous), an internationally renowned live performer, producer, DJ and classically trained pianist, hailing from Canada’s West Coast. With forty releases and over a dozen 12”s to his name, Gardner’s latest EP, “Missing Pieces” showcases three original songs with vocals by the artist himself and remixes by San Francisco hometown heroes, PillowTalk and Dave Aju.

The EP’s lead track, “The Pieces That I’m Missing,” is laid down with sonic orchestration and intoxicating, loved-up vocals that will have you grooving along effortlessly — a perfect tune to be dropped on any dance floor. The PillowTalk lads’ rework comes dressed in their signature bass lines and silky melodies — emphasizing the track’s warm string arrangements, chopping up the vocals bringing a new aesthetic to the original composition.

The second original track on this release, “Pieces,” presents a more dubbed-out, minimal feel than the first version — with heavier bass lines, ethereal synths and pads, gently setting a deep and bouncy groove for the delighted listener. Also included is a reconstruction of the tune by Berlin-based, San Francisco transplant, Dave Aju, whose Acid-House interpretation transports the listener to an underground warehouse — a perfect peak-time track that will have any speakers pumping.

Touch of Class has also included a bonus track on this EP release — ”Moments For A Day.” The tune is delivered in true Frivolous fashion, a two-step mashup with heavy bass, strictly for the heads.

“Missing Pieces” release as a whole represents the diversity in sound eluted with a sense of fantasy, imagination and personality — an auditory aesthetic that both Fovus Loîr and Touch of Class Records continuously strives to embody. This solid collection of masterfully composed tunes, promises to reward any DJ’s crate or playlist.

1) Fovus Loîr – The Pieces That I’m Missing
2) Fovus Loîr – The Pieces That I’m Missing (PillowTalk Remix)
3) Fovus Loîr – Pieces
4) Fovus Loîr – Pieces (Dave Aju Remix)
5) Fovus Loîr – Moments For A Day (Frivolous -2% Pitch Mix)


Describe the record in five words

Experimental – Alias – New direction – Moving Forward

What is it about the record that will appeal to the fans?

I feel like it contains all the Frivolous trademark quirkiness, but rendered in a different shade. Like a kind of special edition, that may or may not be continued. This is definitely a record for the heads, it was a very personal exploration which I think brought the magic back into making music for me.  One might argue it’s very risky to drift off the beaten path for an artist who’s known for a certain sound, but I’m glad I did it anyways.

How does it differ from your last release?

Very much! Although from the first reactions theres a lot of people saying “i hear Frivolous in this sound”, I was really trying to get as far away from my previous releases, and go off in a new direction here.

What was the inspiration for this release?

My wife and I have been scouring through all the new bass-music and steppy genres, trying to find a way to integrate the good ones into our music. Its’ tricky, cuz it’s usually a pretty cold sound, and we have mostly been into warm techno and minimal in the past. Regardless, there’s some interesting stuff there, and I was trying to bring these influences into this records. Since it was such an experiment; I thought it was time to introduce the Fovus Loîr moniker.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?

I think this sound is more interesting in the US. It’s kind of crazy how fast the scene is growing with these gathering-type festivals. I think this sounds works well there. It’s modern, but still a kind of poppy-feel-good thing, hopefully not too mellow. I’m gonna start playing down there in the new year so I will have a better answer for ya then. cheers!

Here is the soundcloud link with previews:

Fovus Loîr – Missing Pieces is OUT NOW on Touch Of Class Records, pick up a copy here.


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