Oliver Santiago – Pianism

Describe the record in five words.
High quality EP for fans of Techno.

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?
Bomb remixes focused around Techno.

How does it differ from your last release?
The last release was inspired for House followers, this is the other side of Simposio Productions: Techno.

What was the inspiration for this release?
This is the first remixes release.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?
Nitsa Club (Barcelona) and/or Tresor (Berlin).


Artist: Oliver Santiago
Title: Pianism Remixes EP
Label: Simposio Productions
Release: March 25th 2015
Cat. No. SMP008

Simposio Productions turn their attention back to a release by label boss Oliver Santiago from 2012. His ‘Pianism’ cut now gets revised by a great selection of modern producers including Yuki Narita, Pina, D/O/22, Re-Drum and Oliver himself.

Up first, the Re-Drum “Strings Of Death” Remix is a slow motion, elastic and super deep cut with an intoxicating atmosphere crafted by oriental sounding strings and well spaced drum kicks. It’s moody, soundscaping stuff with poignant piano keys dangling in the air and will make for some captivating moments on the floor.

The Yuki Narita remix is a more streamlined bit of Jeff Mills like techno with rolling kicks, icy hi hats and jittery little percussive ticks peeling off the heady groove. Then comes label boss and Spaniard Santiago with his head hitting, purposeful and vastly cavernous remix with its churning kicks, big heavy piano chords and bleak sense of atmosphere.

Pina goes for a more broken, hiccuping groove and coarse textures on his remix. The surreal sense of unease remains, but bass percolates down below and the drums rock backwards and forwards on their heels. Last but not least, D/O/22 layers up synths and percussion into a high pressure, ever building bit of slick techno that is wide open and sucks you right in.

This is a quality Ep for fans of cerebral, long form techno and is sure to lock down many a dance floor in the months to come.

01. Oliver Santiago. Pianism (Re-Drum “Strings Of Death” Remix)
02. Oliver Santiago. Pianism (Yuki Narita Remix)
03. Oliver Santiago. Pianism (Oliver Santiago Remix)
04. Oliver Santiago. Pianism (Pina Remix)
05. Oliver Santiago. Pianism (D/O/22 Remix)

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