Ma’ana: Sound of Dubai

Having arrived in Dubai little under a year ago I have been delving in to what the Middle East’s party capital has to offer and I have found that the scene here is just as diverse as any major sun drenched destination. With clubs catering for and regularly booking international guests in almost all genres of music, from the staple Deep House to more harder leaning Techno and Tech House. Even when the producers and artist that call Dubai home regularly release on such illustrious labels such as Dear Deer, Noir Music and Dj Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster, little has been said en mass about the producers which are shaping the cities scene.

EnterTobie Allen and his Bootleg Social Records imprint, Tobie has experienced first hand how the domestic  and ex pat artists that are putting Dubai on the map time and time again. To help showcase the regions undeniable talents, he has taken up the gauntlet and in the process has put together a solid collection of electronic music aimed firmly at the dance floor.

Having been supported by Red Bull, Tobie has worked tirelessly to provide a platform from which to tell the story of the regions artists, I caught up with Tobie to discuss the compilation….


EQTV – Firstly, can you tell us about Ma’ana and what it means?

Tobie – Ma’ana means Together in Arabic. To me, music has no boundaries, no race, no creed. Ma’ana:Dubai is a full and honest representation of the Dubai dance scene. There is too much negativity in this world and the one thing that brings people together is music. Hopefully the awesome work these artists have done can bring a smile to people all around the world.

EQTV – What prompted you to work on such a project?

Tobie – After being here for around a year I had come across many talented producers in the region. I really wanted to showcase the talent that I had come across in the region.

EQTV – How did Red Bull get involved?

Tobie – I had an existing relationship with Red Bull over the years and thought that the project matched their vision for promoting the arts. So once I had got the album together I approached them and was humbled when they agreed to support the project.

EQTV – How has the feedback been for the album so far?

Tobie – There’s been some fantastic feedback so far which I’m really grateful for. The likes of Paul Oakenfold, Nick Muir, Oliver Lang, Sam Paganini, Jospeh Capriati, Alex Blanco, Carmelo Corone, Andi Durrant are just a couple from an long list of artists and world wide radio stations supporting the project.

EQTV – Will this be a one off compilation or do you have future plans for the concept?

Tobie – I originally aimed to just do this project but because the feedback and support around the globe has been so positive I will be doing some more. As long as the support is there for the artists involved in the projects then I will carry on.

EQTV – What do you have coming up on Bootleg Social Records?

Tobie – Next up after the album we have “Sterbai and Strigata – Without Warning”. Then after that, we have “Simon Huxtable aka Real Gone Kid – Modularity” where I have also done a cheeky remix. Some other great signings in the bank, so really looking forward to the new season here in Dubai.

Release – Ma’ana: Sounds of Dubai

Artist – Various Artists

Label – Bootleg Social Records

Release Date – 20th August 2015

You can grab the album here

Tracklisting -

  1. Conan Liquid – Disco, Non Disco
  2. Andy Buchan – You2
  3. Arcade 82 – Never Enough
  4. Tom Chubb – Still Drive
  5. Ilona Maras, Stellar Disco Ft. Ana Coya – Invitation
  6. Rayner & Wisqo – Deeply Fractured
  7. Conan Liquid Ft. Quincy Maldano – Quincy’s Dream I Love (Dub Mix)
  8. Ted Numan – Dusted
  9. Raysoo – Nefafen
  10. NFLNT – Get Lifted
  11. Deep Hertz – Rollerblade
  12. MXD – Less Than Nothing
  13. Nick Hussey & Drinky – Dictator
  14. Matthew Charles – Turkish For Lunch
  15. Smokingroove – Genco
  16. Thomas Gandey – Delirium (Raxon Remix)
  17. Reddub & Sam Farsio – Most of Me
  18. Tobie Allen – Breeze
  19. Shaun Warner – Mahadi
  20. Nick Hussey – See You Move
  21. Shaun Warner & Tobie Allen – You Must Be Mine


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