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Tim Green is one of those artists that with out really thinking about it, can straddle House and Techno with equal ease. At present, Tim is touring extensively with Techno mega brand – Cocoon and he is also part of the solid stable of artists that call Get Physical Music home. So it is little surprise that the latter has enlisted Tim’s impressive mixing skills to turn his hand to the next edition of Body Language. Released a few days, we made sure to catch up with the man himself to get the lowdown on his new mix….

It has been a while since we last spoke Tim, what have you been up to lately?

Yes indeed! Ive been working on a lot of remixes recently. Ive done a remix for Cityfox and a track Artelier Francesco has written for them, called “Dead End”. Both me and Lee Burridge have been playing this out a lot. Plus a remix for Paul McCartney vs Timo Mass & James Teej, which has been an honour to work on as Paul McCartney is a huge influence of mine.

You have just mixed the 18th edition of Body Language, when deciding how best to conduct the mix did you have any whacky ideas about how to go about it or the format it should take?

Yes stupidly I wanted it to span several styles and moods. I say stupidly just because of the restricting time length from doing a CD of 74 minutes obviously. So its quite hard to do this effectively in a short space of time. But nonetheless I still had this as my goal and I like this type of mix. I did not want it to contain 500 tracks all mashed together somehow, I just like the simple idea of good tracks working well together to form a journey of music.

How was the mix created? Was it sequenced or was it mixed live on turntables or CDJ’s?

It was mixed live all on CDJ’s, no vinyl unfortunately as at the time of mixing all of the tracks was unreleased. Plus I made several edits on some of the tracks, but only small edits to facilitate mixing for longer etc…. Again just wanted to keep it simple and about good songs that I love.

Was your track track selection any different to how you would normally pick tracks for your sets? Tell us about the different sections to the mix?

Its definitely different to how I would play live. This mix is specifically for listening pleasure, not a mix aimed towards the dance floor. There are so many podcasts and live recordings of DJ’s in clubs nowadays, I think this side is pleasantly covered. So I wanted to make this more interesting from a musical point of view, very textured, dynamic and more experimental with the track selection. But at the same time not go too “out there” and experimental, still have a good flow and groove to it throughout.

You have remixed “Beautiful Girl” by Junge Junge and produced your own track “Only Time Remains” especially for this release; did the two productions go hand in hand with collating the tracks for the mix? Did you know straight away where you were going to place the tracks?

The “Beautiful Girl” remix yes, completely knew from the start, it was much more in line with my compilation plan and ideas from the beginning. The sound of it is definitely reflecting the vibe of the mix. “Only Time Remains” was a little harder to place in the mix, but only due to my own mistake. I was originally wanting to place it earlier in the mix, as I thought it needed to be closer to the start of the mix. But it turned out perfectly working later on in the mix, as its quite busy but also a nice change up in the mix. I like tracks with a lot of detail in them and a lot going on, but that can still be quite deep or musical. Thats how I feel about this track, its very textured and interesting, but musically quite simple. At least thats my opinion of the track, I think other people could have a different idea, which is the lovely subjective world of music opinions.

You are also featuring heavily for Cocoon right now too; you’re playing the Amnesia main room in one of the last events of the season. Will this be the highlight of your summer? Is Ibiza losing it’s a appeal or is it still a magical place to play?

I dont think its loosing its appeal no, its always going to have its appeal. I dont think its obviously the same as it used to be, even for me I’ve only been going to the island for about 9 years now, and even in that time its changed a lot. Its not the same, but nothing ever stays the same. But Amnesia Cocoon is definitely one of the highlights for sure. Ive never played amnesia before, obviously have been there so many times also, always on a monday for Cocoon. So its a real pleasure, I can’t wait to rock it!

What other Cocoon parties have stood out this year?

Just did a super fun tour in South America with Illario Alicante. Chile, Peru and Buenos Aires. All three gigs was fantastic. Especially had fun on the last gig in Buenos Aires at Under Club. One of those gigs where I could of kept playing and playing. Such a lovely club and place with an awesome crowd that really understood the music.

When we last spoke you were discussing a new album that is somewhat different to your normal club tracks, has there been any developments on that?

There has been yes haha, but nothing I can reveal just yet sorry. Slowly but surely!

What do you have coming up club release wise that you can tell us about?

Ive got a new track that is coming up on Lee Burridges’ Get Weird label. A track called For a memory, which is personally one of my favourite tracks I’ve ever done. Its very special to me this track, has such a lovely vibe. Plus its especially nice to be releasing it with Lee who is such a good friend and we’ve been saying for years how I should write something for him. So very happy we’ve finally done something together!

For more info on Tim’s releases, events and lovely chat – head here…..

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