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Uli Hasselmann and Uli Wendland had been sharing their visions for many years while engaging in the hazy undergrounds of Berlins Techno scene. But after discovering their shared passion for the music and an almost uncanny balance between their musical influences and dynamics they decided to start a project together. Something to give room to the dark, driving sounds that lead them to this idea to begin with, while also leaving room for their melodic roots. The moniker they decided on for this was “Nightvisions”, referring to their shared minds while discovering the scene they have now come to know like the back of their head.
First of all guys, how did you meet?

This was actually a long time ago when we were still kids and played together in a basketball team in Berlin. We then lost track of each other and went to different high schools, but met again by chance on what was for both of us our first electronic music night out in 2005 in one of the now closed legendary clubs in Berlin. We were flashed by the music, many more nights followed and we started to experiment with dj equipment. Productions came much later.

What are your separate backgrounds?
We are both raised in Berlin and have pretty much the same interests and peers. We have been going out in Berlin for over 10 years now and started participating in the scene in last few years. We are very happy to find a home base with the Schakal crew. We are also close with the Lichtfetisch Collective who is known for some out-of-space light installations and notorious open air parties.

Tell us about your “Twin Peaks” EP? Where and when was it recorded?
Like the name already gives away, we were inspired a lot by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. We were binge watching it at that time and were definitely trying to capture the dark, somehow mysterious mood of the series. Additionally the name also reflects to the matter that we are a two men team. We both produce a lot individually and work on different materials simultaneously. At a certain point we will than use different parts and ideas and form the songs together. On the Twin Peaks EP we ended up using different synths like the Arturia Jupiter, Monark or the LD Sylenth.

Where would your ideal place to drop this EP and why?
There are many factors determining where and when to play a certain track. The haunting Speaking Minds Remix though is a high energy (open air) bomb to drop when it is dark and sweaty. The 2 originals work well (in a club setup) towards the early morning hours to create this mystical twin peaks like atmosphere and to give some room to the listeners to lose themselves in the music. The fantastic remix for the title track from the co-op project HOURGLASS aka Mallone and AntiAlias is definitely also made for a dark club atmosphere.

What are your plans for the immediate future?
Right now we are working on a few new tracks. We recently went to Tulum, Mexico where we saw some great shows. This definitely broadened the horizon and made us work on lighter stuff as well after surrounding us with lots of darker techno in the winter.

Do you have plans to turn your studio output in to a live setup?
We both love DJing to much so there are no plans to play with a live setup soon.
We just came back from an incredible gig in Tel-Aviv. Now we are looking forward to some wicked nights in Berlin. We are really excited to play at Wilde Renate and also some upcoming Schakal Label nights. We also have some new material in the pipelines – lets see when it will find its way to the light.


For more information on Nightvisions, head to their Facebook or below Soundcloud….

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