Danzoo Shem Interview

It’s not often that we come across a record that we’re absolutely digging on the first listen, but Danzoo Shem’s latest release really was a record that knocked us for 6 right from the get-go. Released on the Spanish label Depaart, the Dirty EP is in fact very suitably named, with its two tracks both full-on dancefloor destroyers. A Catalan now residing in Berlin, Danzoo is seemingly very well versed in what it takes to move the dancefloor. We caught up with him recently for a quick chat, as he gave us a fascinating insight into his world…

Tell us about Berlin where you are based right now. What are the main plus points and minuses of living in the city at the moment for you?

For me, and talking from experience, Berlin is the city of electronic music par excellence. I think there are only a few cons about this city, except for the fact of going out too much (hehehehe). Jokes aside, I think that anyone dedicating themselves to electronic music should spend some time in Berlin to know what it’s like.

Obviously Berlin is notorious for it’s techno scene. Where has been your favourite spot to listen to some DJs when you want to be inspired?

The good thing about Berlin is that you can find inspiration even in a bar. As everybody knows, Berlin is characterized by techno. However the place where I enjoy myself a little more is in Watergate. It’s a club that’s conquered me since day one.

So how would you describe your current sound? What equipment do you use to make most of your music?

I never knew exactly how to define my style (and I’m the one behind it), although I always liked working with few tracks, a lot of groove and I can never miss the background in any of my productions.

In terms of the equipment, I am 100% digital. My production tools consist of Ableton, MaSchine Studio, Komplete Kontrol S-Series and Ableton Push. Another curiosity is that I stopped using monitors in the studio, in order to produce only using headphones.

Are you at a stage where you’re very confident with your production skill set? Or is there always room for improvement?

You never stop learning – things are constantly evolving. Although right now I do feel very comfortable with my way of working and the results of it.

How do things like the atmosphere, venue and sound system influence how you approach a set?

My sets are never the same. I am always guided by the environment I am in, and I always try to adapt myself to the public – but always with my personality.

What has been the most memorable set that you have played so far in your career and why?

Well I recently had the opportunity to perform with all the guys from Depaart in Goya Social Club, in Madrid, and truth be told it was a memorable night. The public was exquisite and the club has all the right requirements for a top party.

Do you want to focus more on DJing currently or producing?

I started DJing at a very young age, to be honest, and since some time I have left that aspect aside. Right now I am fully concentrating on producing.

What current artists do you most admire?

Without a doubt, Martin Buttrich and Claude Vonstroke. Both heroes of mine/

Tell us about your newest release ‘Dirty’. How satisfied were you with the end product?

This new release is quite a personal one, especially one of the tracks named “Nein”. It’s a project I did over 2 years ago, and it came to life in the studio while recording it live. The other cut, which gives its name to the EP – Dirty – is a demonstration of the style of production I like: a few elements and a lot of groove.

What can we expect from Danzoo Shem in the next year? Any big releases? Collaborations? Tours?

In 2015 I am starting with a change of city, which will bring me new inspiration as far as production is concerned. I will be working in the studio and trying to always bring out the best of me. One year from now – the least I hope for is to continue dedicating myself to what I like. That is enough for me.

Danzoo Shem’s Dirty EP is out 16th March 2015 on Depaart Records


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