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Having began their journey back in 2015, duo ARTBAT, made up of Artur and Batish, have fast become a well respected and recognised name in the underground scene. With their debut release on the Parallel imprint set for release July 9th we grabbed 5 minutes to uncover more about this exciting partnership…


Hi guys, how are you both? Let’s begin at the beginning of ARTBAT, how did you two first meet, when was it and how long was it before you started writing music together? 

Artur: Hi, first of all, thank you for interest in our project and music we making:) First time we met in one ukrainian underground club THE LAB, where I made parties for two years and Batish come there with friend dj. As soon turned out, we both had a lot in common in musical tastes and vision of ourself in club culture. It was not an easy period for Ukraine and its people in all walks of life. I think that those feelings and emotions could also serve as a kind of stimulus to search for new ways of inspiration and self-realization in creativity. After several hours in the studio, we realized that we get pleasure from the process of writing music together, and of course on the result of this work. So we decided to create our project ARTBAT (ARTur & BATish) in december 2014. After three months of studio work and presented our project in club THE LAB here in Kiev. First our release was 31 August 2015. It was track called “Mandrake”, that had big support from names like Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex and many more. When “Mandrake” entered Top 100 Techno Chart on Beatport and has lots of good feebacks from people all around the world we were very inspired with this and understood that we can make and share something interesting for music lovers.

How do your individual sounds differ to what you make as ARTBAT? Working as a duo, do you ever find yourselves having contrasting creative ideas, if so how do you work around them?

ART: I can say that the music I always searching for deep emotions and at the same time with the groove, when Batish prefer a tight and powerful rhythm. Of course, we are always looking for a balance between emotion and rhythm, something to the music at the same time acted as soul and the body.

Do you both take on specific roles when in the studio, who is better at what?

Each of us has many years of experience and background in djing, which we are trying to fully realise in producing music. We are both quite well oriented focus in the engineering part, and Batish good in mixing. So we enjoy spending time in the studio looking style solutions for creating new music that will inspire us during performances and to share it with all the world.

Even before ARTBAT, before you even began making music at all, what was the first musical memory for you, and how do you think this has shaped what you enjoy and create today?

ART: Music accompanies me throughout life. Since 7 years I will not melt with headphones and a variety of favorite songs, and later in school, I realised that I can not live without the parties and the new music, which for me is equivalent to fresh air. This love and the way of life led me to a desire to create and to share my vision of dance music through no attachment to a particular style, but a clear focus on the fun and parties.

BAT: When I was 12 years old I first heard some dance records. At from this time I clearly understood that want to make music and to give my life to electronic music scene.

So your next EP is set for release on Parallel, what is the story behind this release and what did you set out to achieve with it? Do you feel like you accomplished it?

The history of these tracks is to find a pleasant sound, with a strong driving impetus, and at the same time comfortable atmosphere around music, well suited to the protracted party and afterparty. A little summer music that sounds best in open space and daytime parties. We feel that these tracks have something positive and different.

Which artist would you say is most similar to you?

This question is more suitable for our listeners. since we do not try to emulate and be like someone else, and do not want to compare myself with the big names and say that we are like one of them. It is important for us to create something new and make a contribution to the electronic music culture, developing and enriching it rather than to imitate someone. In this, we will refrain from comparing and leave it on the shoulders of the audience and critics :)

The EP is sure to do well, where can the fans head to to catch you live? Any standout gigs locked in over the coming months?

We have a lot of performances now in Ukraine. Here we have several residences such as Bora Bora Beach Club, Decadence where we love to play and perform crazy party with lots of friends and positive beautiful people. This month we’re going to Georgia in Batumi, also plans to Egypt, Greece, Turkey and in the coming months.

How do you undertake a show, is it a simple b2b or something else?

Yes, it’s b2b, simple with many our unreleased tracks and with fresh music from very different labels and styles. Our show begins in studio where we spending hours to make special stuff and kind of secret weapons. We prefer not prepare only 30-40 tracks specifically for the set, and we love to juggle with our vast collection of house and techno music always trust intuition and experience.

And finally what is your top opener track, peak time, and closing track?

It’s always something fresh straight from the studio ;)


Zing drops July 9th on the Parallel Label.

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