5 Minutes With… Alex Henning


Alex Henning is an Italian DJ/Producer with plenty of years in the game in his locker. Now focusing more on his work in the studio and being the main booker at We Traffik Booking Agency, we caught up with him to talk about how he manages to juggle on he does, and his plans for the rest of 2016…

How and when did you first get into dance music in Italy?

Everything started by submitting my first demos to any labels, until one was picked by Joy Kitikonti, a really influential dj on our country who had also a great exposure during the 90’s. From there, few months later I decided also to start to work on the scene as booker and that is the way I started to connect with many people in the country. I remember with pleasure a first showcase on my own label Whist after any months at one of the best clubs in Rome on 2008, I consider that as the “real” starting point in the industry.

What makes Italian dance music special and unique do you think and is your music inspired by your roots?

Italian dance music has always been a reference point internationally; each decade have seen the birth or development of new style around Europe, but I can say the movement on the 90’s with the progressive done by the Italian producers, still known nowadays, is definitely unique.  Many Italian djs are followed worldwide like Carola, Capriati, Riva Starr, as few examples.

My music is definitely inspired by my roots, I’m half Italian and half German and in fact I’ve always followed the Berlin techno scene and also enjoyed the Italian projects of the time by acts like Picotto. As a consequence I use to move between more techno stuff and melodic deep house like for my last track “Memento”.

Tell us about your recent EP for Digital Traffik ‘Flair / Memento – what inspired and influenced it?

Well, at the time I had the idea to produce a deep house track with something different and melodic, that’s why I had thought to add a saxophone and build around the backgrounds which also let thinking back to the house music of any years ago and a taste of chill out, These two genres are what have mainly influenced the production of the final work.

Where was it written, have you got a proper studio and loads of gear?

It’s funny to remember back on where it was written, I was on holiday on mountains by my parents and had obviously with me my laptop. Everything was done only with a pair of headphones and softwares ;) but yes obviously the final check of mix and sound was done at the studio of my business partner Audiohell

Do you know how tracks will sound before you start or do you experiment until you find something?

I start with a loop or a concept of the main sound I want to have, but it also happens that by developing the work it goes on a slightly different direction. Sounds additions influence the cut of the track and I choose what I think works better. I always enjoy to work on vocals which can make a track more interesting and also easier by my side to develop.

And do you tailor your music to certain labels, do you know what they want, or do you just do your own thing and see if they like it?

I always follow the best labels of the genre I produce and obviously listen to what they look for, but I don’t use to go to produce according to specific parameters..I prefer to be inspired also from what any labels propose, but always with my own touch.

Tell us about your role with the WeTraffik group – what do you do there?

I’m the booker of the WeTraffik roster, I use to spend my time mainly to propose and set dates and tours worldwide of the djs; I manage international djs like Supernova, Marco Effe, Basti Grub, Audiohell, Alexandar Ivkovic. Our aim is to reach the strength to set Wetraffik showcases and tours internationally with two or more djs of our roster, or by also adding on the line up our business partners, like the ones we have on Asia.  But, I’m also dj and producer, too

How long have you done it, how did you first get the job?

This year I reach 8 years activity on the market as booking manager, I started by managing the roster of my label trying to propose new talented acts I had discovered and taken on board. In fact I get any results, like any events in Rome, Frankfurt, Rotterdam. This has brought me to get noticed by a promoter who were creating his agency, and everything really started from there.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

My aim is to bring always higher the roster of Wetraffik group, me and my business partners are spending a lot of time and investment to bring it to the highest level possible. We also are looking to start any residencies for the summer of 2017 and adding any really interesting partnerships on upcoming markets, like on China and Indonesia. On that places there’s a lot of business which can be developed. Obviously without forgetting my own productions…

Finally, what is the best record, album or CD you own and why?

Any days ago I have rediscovered a great CD by Faithless (We come 1), an act who was a reference on the electronic music scene at the end of the 90’s – beginning of new millennium, reaching also to be the first electronic act to do the opening at MTV awards..They proposed a new unique style which had also influenced the years after. Well, they are another example of how an artist has to be innovative.

Alex Henning’s ep ‘Life & Lies’ is out now on Baroque and available here.

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