5 Minutes With… Fennec & Wolf

Over the years Fennec & Wolf has crafted out a sound not only for himself, but for the Incroyable Music family he has built alongside fellow producer Bellville. Born in Tunisia, he now resides in Cologne where the musical journey really took off, and in fine form. The latest instalment from Fennec & Wolf, Krøpte EP, features a stunning selection of deep house cuts, alongside a remix from Definition. We took 5 Minutes With the main man jumping deeper into his culture of both birthplace and hometown and how it has affected the music he makes today, plus a greater look at Krøpte EP.


How has 2016 been for you?

It’s been a good year. I’ve had some excellent gigs, we’ve been getting great feedback for our Incroyable releases and our events have been first-class.

Any moments that stand out for you personally?

Moving to my new studio, which includes an office, and having almost all the Incroyable acts sitting in other rooms down the corridor was the best decision of 2016.

You live in Cologne. How has the city shaped your musical tastes and influenced you and how does it differ to the musical culture of Tunisia?

Cologne is a really great inspiration for everything I do in life. I wasn’t much of a fan of the Cologne music scene as a teenager but when I started listening to electronic music I discovered what a big impact Cologne has, with labels like Kompakt and some great parties going on across the city. Comparing the musical culture in Cologne to Tunisia is like comparing Earth to another planet. Having said that, the electronic music culture in Tunisia is really healthy and continues to grow. Promoters book great DJs in Hammemet, Sousse or Tunis, in great clubs, and the crowd really appreciates the music.

How did you get into electronic music?

I was a Hip-Hop DJ first and started producing Hip-Hop beats for a local rapper but after a while it was kind of boring going to play a club and knowing the people expected the same music you played two weeks ago so I started including more and more House music into my sets and later on I launched my own project: Fennec & Wolf.


Was there an eureka moment or did your taste slowly evolve?

It evolved slowly just from the music I play, I still love listening to Hip-Hop and loads of other genres.

Do you have any particular favourite spots to play out in your hometown?

No not really, I love playing any spot, as long as the crowd is there to party.

You started your own label, Incroyable Music, last year. What motivated you to start a label?

I started the Label with my colleague Bellville. We founded the label because we had artists around us who were really talented and we wanted to create a collective, where everyone can exchange ideas, work together and play together at our events.

It is well known that you have quite a closely-knit family behind the label. Would you be looking to expand and welcome in further artists or is it going to be something that stays slightly exclusive?

At the moment we keep the focus on our acts, we also put out compilations where befriended artists release tracks on Incroyable. However, we are always also hunting for new innovative talent and we don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t grow as a family.

Your Krøpte EP just came out on Incroyable. What was the inspiration behind the release?

I was listening to a lot of Afro Rhythm and Ghanaian Blues in the summer and wanted to make a groovy EP that didn’t sound like 99% of the music that’s being released at the moment.

What’s your creative process like going into the studio?

I start with something in my head or a sample I’ve heard somewhere; it’s always different.

What’s your studio set up?

I’m using Ableton Live as my DAW, NI Maschine, Dave Smith Prophet 08, Moog Sub 37, Roland Boutique, Technics SL 1210 and thousands of vinyl.

Any piece of hardware or software that you can’t be without?

Hardware would be the Prophet 08, and software would be the NI Maschine and the Replika delay.

Definition provided the remix for the Krøpte EP. How did that come about?

Fabio played him the track as he was one of the first to have it, and Definition instantly wanted to do a remix.

What do you have planned for 2017?

I am planning a lot: from Incroyable merchandise to more label events, an Album and some future EPs.

Any future releases for yourself or the label in the pipeline?

We’ll kick off 2017 with a Bellville EP, featuring a remix from me, as well as a few EPs on other labels.

Lastly, after a gig, where is the top place to grab a take out meal?

In Cologne I would say it’s Pinnochios Pizza, that guy has everything on the menu and you can also order Turkish food.

Krøpte EP is out  now and available to buy here.

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