In depth with Steve Bug

Having recently resurrected his infamous Traffic Signs moniker, we caught up with Pokerflat boss Steve Bug to find out whats been going on in his studio of late…”

EQTV. The obvious question begs, why such a long wait before releasing under Traffic Signs?

Steve: I don’t know, but after 6 releases back then I was kinda running out of ideas for the project. I needed a break and for a while I even thought I would never do anything under that moniker again. But then we re-released the classic series as a package and Deetron asked me to do a special Traffic Signs style remix for his track with Seth Troxler, so I finally got inspired again.

EQTV: What’s changed since your last foray under the alias?

Steve: Many things, biggest change might be that back then it was vinyl only, since there simply were no digital shops around. But also my production skills got better, my studio is way more professional than it was back then. I think the series of 6 was still produced in my bedroom studio. Also it was about the music back then. Nowadays it is mostly about names, that is a shame sometimes.

EQTV: Traffic Signs was so influential during the 00’s, what is your plans for the alias in 2015?

Steve: Well I never really make plans about the music, music should come from your heart and guts. But I have an idea for co-operation for a second release, but i’m not sure if i can realize that. My main goal is to finish at least a series of three.

The blue series. I already have the artwork ideas. ;)

EQTV: Walk us through the new release “Cookie Jar” and where the name and idea for the track came from?

Steve: I was talking to Jake Basker for a while and we wanted to do something together, we had several ideas, but i finally came up with the track and send it to him, we exchanged some vocal ideas before as well, then he finally came up with the cookie jar thing. The lyrics are on him, don’t blame me. haha – but I love them, they are funny and they feel like a modern, crazy version of hip house. The vocals really make the track stand out. You either love it or you hate it.

EQTV: This Traffic Signs release comes hot on the heels of a recent studio session, what else can we expect from you? Was this a solo session or can we expect some next level collaborations?

Steve: As i said, for the second traffic signs – blue series, I have someone in mind, we also already spoke about it, now I have to write the music and hope we can work something out.

EQTV: Has anything changed for you in the studio recently or have you been using the same tried and tested setup for a while now?

Steve: I added some roland aira machines to my set up lately and that changed my work flow a bit, also I bought a new synth and I am waiting for the release of another one which will definitely change something in the work flow as well. But in general I try to stay to the roots and rather focus on writing music instead of making it all about the gear.

EQTV: How important is the need to evolve/familiarity in your production set up?

Steve: Well, it is good to have some new gems from time to time, something new to play with, it really helps to stay interested and focused. but if you change too much at once you will need plenty of time to be able to have quick access and realize ideas.

EQTV: What else have you got coming up on Poker Flat, Dessous and Audiomatique?

Steve: Oh there are plenty of releases coming up. on Poker Flat there will be a DJ Joeski and a Johannes Brecht next, on Dessous we have an EP by The Unhottest and hopefully the guys from Lockwood finally finish their last tune for their EP. also Langenberg is putting an album together for Dessous that most limey will be released by end of the year. On Audiomatique there will be EPs by Qbeck and Djuma Soundsystem,

EQTV:  What is your focus for the first half of the year?

Steve: A lot of touring and being in the studio as well, I already finished a new EP for Poker Flat to be out end of may, but I am working on a new EP for Ovum and some remixes as well as on another project with my mate Cle.


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