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Tiago de Renor is a Brazilian native who puts out expertly crafted electronic music productions in his signature style. With a recent release ‘Aurora’ just dropped on the Not Another imprint, we at Eqtv sat down with him to talk about his inspiration behind the release, and his plans for the summer…

Hey Tiago, great to meet you! Tell us a little more about yourself for our readers that might not be as familiar with you.

Hello guys, thanks for having me! I am a music producer/audio engineer from Brazil who released music on labels such as: Not Another, Not for Us, A Must Have, System Recordings and Slideways.

How do you think growing up in Brazil has helped shape your sound?

Growing up in Brazil has definitely put me towards a certain production style as I am really influenced by my surroundings when writing music. You can be sure the more melancholic stuff of mine is inspired by life here in my home town…there’s a huge social inequality here and for me it’s impossible to ignore life of other people that are in so much suffering because of the government abandonment and greed….not even when writing music. I am really inspired as well by some local musicians I met during my recording studio days…I met some true undiscovered geniuses with deep roots in our Brazilian culture! Percussionists, keyboardists and music producers! They all helped me a lot to sculpt my sound and make me figure it out that I really wanted to do this forever!

Who were your biggest Brazilian influences within the music scene?

Danny Oliveira, Blancah, Sonic Future, L_cio and Gui Boratto.

Non electronic: Bacteria, Djalma Rodrigues and Sid3.

How did your relationship with Not Another come about?

I met George and Bernardo at a club called Nox in our hometown of Recife back in god knows when. George was Djing and was one of the people responsible for my interest in electronic music in the first place… It didn’t take long for us to become friends and back in 2012 we attended a music production college together in London where we became really close to each other. George has always been that one guy that I always send all my music to in search of feedback and when he started Not Another with Bernardo and Rodrigo, who are nowadays very close friends of mine, I was really humbled for their invite for me to sign stuff with them! They do an awesome job because of the amount of love involved! Nowadays we are all like a big family, helping each other with life struggles and music struggles! I am really happy to be a part of the family and team, especially by invitation of the people that introduced me to dance music and I have so much faith in the future of this label..they really put a lot of love and hard work into it!

What is it about Not Another that makes it so suited to your productions?

Their influences and attention to detail to the artists! It’s really easy to release music in labels that dont give a f*ck about artists and just want to release music for the good of the label owner and his social aspirations. Not Another has been helping me in so many ways that i can’t even describe, they truly care for the artists they put under their wing and go far beyond the label responsibilities to the artist.

Where did the inspiration come from for Aurora and what did you set out to achieve?

From walking around Aurora street during a incredible hot day and noticing so much beauty from the river bank and landscape views and ugliness from the stench and the garbage all over the place. For me, the Aurora street is one of the only places that you can feel hope and fear at the same time. I tried to achieve the perfect balance between darkness and light…hope and fear.

What other releases have you got coming up that we can look forward to for the rest of the year?

So far I have got a release coming up in July on Not for Us records and another really special one on Not Another in December!

Summer touring plans?

Actually this summer I am moving to Canada for pursuing my Bachelor in Music so I will be putting a hold on gigs for a short time while I adapt to my new life in a new country!

And finally, what are your top five tracks for you right now?

L_cio – People Talk (D.O.C)

Blancah – Vulture Dance (Steyoyoke)

Stephan Bodzin – Wir (Herzblut)

Kiasmos – Looped (Erased Tapes)

Alex Justino – Caos (Sintope Digital)

Tiago’s ‘Aurora is out now on Not Another

Grab it here –

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