5 Minutes With… David Glass


Having released across a number of highly established labels such as Hot Creations and more frequented Circus Records, David Glass has cemented himself within the best with a recognisable sound and always thrilling DJ performances. Set to release on the Carpe Diem Musica imprint later this month we spoke to David about everything behind the music, plus what is in store for what is sure to be a jam packed summer.

Great to talk to you David Glass. I just wanted to begin with where you’re at right now, how have you been spending your time this summer?

I’ve just come back from a lads holiday in Amsterdam & Germany, I went to Berlin while i was there, what a city! before that I’ve been quite busy gig wise playing some brilliant events including El row in Liverpool for Circus, Club Bellevue in Zurich, SSW6 festival in Cumbria, Egg London, Somerly Tea party festival & more. I’ve been enjoying playing to bigger crowds and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

The Calzature EP is set for release on Carpe Diem Musica, can you run through exactly what went into this EP. Where did the inspiration stem from? And how did it come about to release on Carpe Diem Musica?

The release is one i’ve been really excited about, the original is my usual approach to a track, straight up house grooves perfect for the club! The remixes are brilliant from Circus boss Yousef & a great artist in Vincenzo D’amico. I know the lads CDC, that run Carpe Diem Musica pretty well as they’re local lads from Liverpool & I have done collaborations with them in the past, their label is always on the rise and the remix names on this EP prove why it’s a label people should keep an eye on!

What is it about your sound that makes it so well suited to the Carpe Diem Musica imprint?

CDM release similar music to how my tracks sound. There’s always good grooves on the drums & cool basslines. They always work well on the dance floor.

Who’s decision was it to bring on the remixers that you used – Yousef and Vincenzo, and why was this choice made?

I think the lads chose the remixers and obviously got my approval, Yousef is a big inspiration to us being from Liverpool and watching him at Circus a lot. It’s a big deal having him on this EP and It’s an honour having him remix a track of mine! I’ve been playing Vincenzo’s stuff for a while and his tracks are killing it!

In regards to your studio set up and what went into the EP, can you talk us through what was used most of all. Was there one piece of kit that really defined this EP and also yourself as an artist?

I think this track was unfinished for about a year and was missing something, I remember opening it one day and adding the synth line and another baseline from the tb-3. The drums were probably just programmed in Maschine.

Looking back, is there anything you would change in regards to the EP?

Nothing, I wouldn’t be releasing it if I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t be happier with the remixers either!

Where would be your dream place to place the tracks out and why?

Probably DC10, like most other dj’s, that’s the place most house & techno DJ’s want to play. It would be a pleasure to drop one of my own tracks at a club like that infront of a crowd that goes nuts!

Over the years you have been involved in electronic music, how do you feel your sound has changed? What has the reasoning been behind this shift if any?

I really don’t think there has been much of a change in sound. Its all house music. I don’t go in the studio with a plan, my tracks always have that old school feel on the drums. I suppose I go from making hooky house cuts to a more underground tech house style.

Before you discovered electronic music, where did your main interests lay, was it still within music, just under a different umbrella?

I definitely didn’t think i was going to be a dj ever! I was never really interested in music at school or anything. I was stuck on what to do next really. I went to college to study sport & ended up in Uni to do a sports science degree but it just wasn’t me so I dropped out not long after I started producing music, let’s see if that was a good idea!

Where can we catch you playing this summer? Any standout gigs lined up?

Im buzzing to play at Space for Carl Cox on 6th September. The line up is Carl Cox, Nina Kraviz, Davide Squillace, Eats Everything, Hot Since 82 & me! I played on the terrace twice last year and it was unbelievable. I feel so proud i’ve been asked to play the final year of Space and on a dream line up like that!

Calzature EP is out 25th July on Carpe Diem Musica.

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