Record of the day…Sandy Rivera//Take Away My Pain


Artist:  Sandy Rivera

Title:  Take Away My Pain

Label:  Deep Visionz Inc

Release: September 18th 2015

Cat. No.  DVR003

The return of the Deep Visionz label continues apace with its 3rd release and see’s the label owner, bona-fide house legend, Sandy Rivera step up on one hot solo track that finds the house hero in fine fettle.

Rivera is responsible for some of house music’s finest tracks, under various guises, with the best known being the rightfully acclaimed Kings of Tomorrow. He’s been touring the world for over 15 years and has managed to remain relevant yet diverse in an ever changing musical landscape, he’s released music on Defected, Yoshitoshi, Love & Other, 20/20 Vision, Play It Down and his own Blackwiz ever since the early ‘90s.

This new single finds him returning to his roots, when a young Rivera started out on his house music journey in a basement in Spanish Harlem, where he combined raw house beats and clever sampling. Here he has come up with a track that channels the disco funk of the 70’s and fuses it to a modern dance floor sound that is destined to take away the pain for house heads across the globe.

The track is filled with funky little guitar riffs, atmospheric vocal yelps off in the distance and a soulful diva vocal up front. It is bright, full of energy and human feelings and cannot fail to get you singing and dancing along.

This is a fantastically feel good new single from one of the best in the game and it comes alongside new Kings of Tomorrow material on Defected later this summer.


1. Take Away My Pain

Describe the record in five words. 

Music that makes you move or fucking hot ass disco tune

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans? 

A good disco sample always appeals to the people who like to dance as it will create a special moment for the floor. It’s also fits to Deep House, House and some Tech House DJs who like to add emotional movements in a set?

How does it differ from your last release? 

My last realease is “Burn So Deep” on Defected and even that has a Soul Disco mix that’s really groovy and moody. “Take Away The Pain” hits the floor a bit more harder and more raw. When I play it, it goes off.

What was the inspiration for this release?

I always liked sampling disco tunes and I have not done that type of record for over 14 years as I stayed more focused on original songs. So I got a few tunes together and started digging into finding a good sample from them to start with. I heard this sample immediately and started making a beat that would groove it along. Then it was time to find a vocal sample to sit over it. Soon as that marriage was in place it was all good to finally finish the tune. We did clear the music sample as we had the contact and sorted that out before we mastered it. Keep in mind, nobody really clears any samples these days unless a tune starts to go big!!

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be? 

My set coming up in Space Ibiza for Glitterbox on Sept 4th will be a prime place as that event is made for tunes like this. I did play it at the KAOZ boat party in Suncebeat in Croatia and it was the perfect setting on a boat in the sea with a crowd that would love that type of tune in that sunshine and they really did. It was special gig overall, probably the best of 2015 so far.

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