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GotSome have exploded on to the UK House scene with their debut single landing on Defected and being championed by Radio 1’s top jocks. I caught up with Adam and Alex to find out how they got here and what they have in store for their Middle East debut for Superheroes this month….

EQTV: You are having an amazing year so far, what has been the highlight so far?

ADAM: Playing the Sonic Stage at Glastonbury was a massive highlight. We’ve been going to the festival for years now, so to play the main dance stage was incredible. We had an afternoon slot on the Friday, and a great crowd who all seemed really up for it.

ALEX: I’d say last weekend was a recent contender for highlight of the year. We played a show for Arcadia in the centre of Bristol. It’s a giant, mechanical, fire-spouting spider with the DJ booth in the middle!

ADAM: Ibiza should get a mention as well. When I was younger I said I wouldn’t go to Ibiza until I was DJ-ing there. This year has been my first visit to the island, and we’ve had an eight date residency for Together at Amnesia. It’s been a pretty nuts summer.

EQTV: What has been you break through moment, or do you think it has yet to come?

ALEX: Our track ‘Bassline’ helped us break through and got us recognised on the scene. That was probably the biggest single moment for us so far, but we feel that we’re working on something much bigger and aren’t there yet. Only time will tell!

EQTV: Were you surprised by the success of ‘Bassline’?

ADAM: We knew it was a catchy tune, but at the time it was more just a bit of fun in the studio. We never expected it to travel the world like it has.

ALEX: Laura did an amazing job on the vocal and we’re still getting sent a wide variety of remixes on Soundcloud from the far corners of the globe. It’s been quite overwhelming how much support and love there is for the track, and it’s amazing to hear so many different producers put their spin on it.

EQTV: How did the track find its home on Defected and was it a surprise to be signed to such a massive label?

ADAM: We actually wrote the track way before it got released. We were sat on it for over a year and not much was happening, then B.Traits played it late one night on Radio 1 and the Defected guys just happened to be driving on the motorway and listening in. They got in touch the next day and the rest is history. We were definitely surprised, and happy when we got that email!

EQTV: What is next for GotSome, what do you have coming up that you are getting excited about?

ALEX: It’s been a busy summer with a lot of shows, but we’ve been squeezing some time in between to work on new material that should see the light of day soon. We’ve got a couple of club tracks called ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘Tell You Why’ that have been getting a really good response in the sets, and have also been working in the studio with a few singers.

ADAM: Yeah, we’ve also got some big shows lined up including two gigs at Warehouse Project in Manchester, one at Fabric, a massive event called Soundclash near Southampton, plus the Together closing parties in Ibiza for Cafe Mambo and Amnesia.

EQTV: How do you see GotSome performances evolving?

ADAM: We’d love to do a live show at some point and are interested in how dance music can progress into a live setup.

ALEX: We really like the way the Chemical Brothers use electronics and visuals, and the way Basement Jaxx use performers. Ultimately, we’d love to do an amalgamation of those two things. We want it to be heavy, but we want people to have fun, with a few singalong bits in the middle.

EQTV: You make your Middle East debut this month what do you make of the scene here and what do you have in store for your set at Superheroes?

ADAM: Well to be honest, it’ll be our first trip to Dubai so we’re not familiar with the scene yet, but we’re looking forward to checking it out! The set will include loads of new, upfront Bristol music and UK House, along with a bunch of classics and familiar house tunes for people to get down with.

EQTV: Finally, if you could be any Superhero, who would you be and why?

ADAM: It would be out of Spiderman and Batman, but I think I’d go spiderman as he’s more versatile than Batman… and swinging around buildings looks fun!

For more information on their Middle Eastern debut you can check the event here.

To keep up to date with their up coming shows and releases you can check out GotSome Facebook

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