Record of the day… Nils Noa/Lucy


Artist:  Nils Noa

Title:  Lucy EP

Label:  Troll Records

Release: Out Now

Cat. No. TLR027

Norway’s Nils Noa is back with another fine transmission on Troll Records, the label he co-runs with Christian Sol. Serving up two great tracks, he keeps up his tradition of inventive deep house grooves.

Before now Nils has achieved plenty, including such things as a Radio 1 Essential Mix, handling bookings for Oslos world famous The Villa club and releasing a stream of Eps on his own label and others including Universal Music.

For his latest release Noa opens up with title track ‘Lucy’, a soothing and feel good house roller with soft drums and percussion and lush chords bubbling away in the centre of the track. Despite being so sensitive and emotive, it’s also a nicely driven track that really feels like it takes you somewhere.

‘Clap Storm’ is a more crunchy cut with loose percussive patterns riding up and down as burrowing bass drills down below. Clipped vocal coos and a slick sense of tech house groove characterise this one as it rolls on hypnotically for six plus minutes with an atmospheric breakdown marking the mid point.

This is well produced and lush dancing music that confirms Nils Noa to be a fine proponent of proper house music.


1. Lucy

2. Clap Storm

Describe the record in five words. 

Stripped, bass-driven, vocals, folk-music.

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?

I think the bass line in clap storm will work in the clubs, while the drive and vocal in Lucy is what makes that track get  attention. Anyway, its really hard to know if your music will appeal to other people. It are never any guaranties.

How does it differ from your last release? 

It is my first release in a while with no remixes, and the track clap storm is very basic. I was not sure if it was strong enough for a release, but reports so far seems promising.

What was the inspiration for this release? 

The inspiration was that I wanted to show two different sides of my taste. Clap storm is more stripped down, driven mainly by the bass line. So it’s a very simple track. Lucy is more melodic and the tones moves around a bit, but it still has a groove that  moves forward. And the vocal gives it that more folk music vibe that I really like.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be? 

It has to be in my residency at The Villa here in Oslo. Played both tracks there last weekend, and they worked really well actually.

You can preview here -

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