Record of the day… La Mverte – A Game Called Tarot

LA MVERTE 04 by Marie Athenais

Artist: La Mverte

Title:  A Game Called Tarot

Label: Her Majesty’s Ship

Release: Out Now

Cat. No. HMS018

After a first release in 2014 that got picked up by RBMA and saw La Mverte attend the famous workshop in Tokyo, he recently returned to the studio to finalise this new EP, ‘A Game Called Tarot, for the Her Majesty’s Ship label.

For over a year, the Mverte ship has sailed gracefully between erogenous synth-wave and disco chiaroscuro and here he continues to explore a mysterious and esoteric universe that is dark and charming as he looks at the theme of divination and destiny, symbolised by the XIII card.

The title track is a haunting bit of dark disco with oodles of synthesiser drama, slick drum led grooves and plenty of slap funk goodness. It’s hurried and urgent and sounds like the chase scene in a film noir. The remix comes from Alejandro Paz and is an even more dazzling affair with lots of thick synth patterns, filtered, ghoulish voices and tortured pads all making for an intense atmosphere.

Then comes ‘This Wicked Game’, a nimble and dynamic affair wired up with retro electronics, shimmering synths and plenty of playful cosmic energy. Lastly, ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ is a wobbly bit of rusty disco with sinewy synths, well defined metallic drums and chilly percussion that only adds to the liveliness of the track overall.

Hugely evocative and as fun for the mind as it is the feet, this is another crisp offering from La Mverte.


1- A Game Called Tarot

2- A Game Called Tarot (Alejandro Paz remix)

3- This Wicked Game

4- The Wheel of Fortune

Describe the record in five words. 

Erogenous Synthwave – Chiaroscuro Disco – Haunting, Mysterious & Esoteric.

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?

I guess the record gathers – between other things – what people would have liked with the previous one. It brings 4 tracks, one song backed with a remix and two more ” danceable ” tracks – so it has something for everyone, in a way.

Musically speaking, the record appears to me like an extension of the first one. The tracks are indeed different, but still, people will find some common aspects that they may have liked previously, as my universe remains the same, but expanded and more grown up.

How does it differ from your last release? 

Since the last record, i’ve been continuing exploring music, building my tastes, forging my ideas and working a lot. I guess this record tastes a bit of all this.

As i previously mentioned, the music I make didn’t change radically. It’s maybe slightly different, but still with solid links to where i come from. Still, new instruments, new ideas make it appear like a new milestone to me in many ways, and i’m very happy and proud of it.

Plus, this EP features a remix made by my friend Alejandro Paz, so it also tastes like a bit of Tokyo and the 2014’s RBMA – where i met him. All in one !

What was the inspiration for this release? 

This peculiar EP was mainly influences by thoughts about life and fate – what makes it, what destroys it, what changes it. And so i began to browse memories and books, and finally encountered some great cards illustrations. Fortune-telling cards have been a great influence for this record, at least in an aesthetic way. Thinking of that, i like the fact that the game in itself had an influence, and not the symbolism or the cards meanings – apart from the XIII’s one.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be? 

This question is kind of hard to answer, so many venues I like, so many different crowds and reactions… So many parameters.

I think it could be played anywhere I like to play, but i guess it would have a special flavor in clubs like La Java in Paris, Zur Wilden Renate in Berlin or Dalston Superstore in London – to name a few of them.

Basically, a club with almost no lights, curious crowd, enough alcohol and a decent soundsystem, added with a perfume of tension and expectations, would be perfect.

La Mverte (Her Majesty’s Ship)

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