Confessions of a label… JEUDI Records


Left to right: Davide (Label Partner), Zman (Deo & Zman), Take It Easy (Label partner), Eiad (Bambook), Doctor Dru, Monte, Deo (Deo & Zman ) 

JEUDI records is one of the hottest labels of 2015. Doctor Dru along with Take it Easy who is one half of The Adana Twins run the imprint with Davide and the trio have flourished with a rich vein of impressive cuts. Now gearing up for a solid Sonar outing with headline act Maxxi Soundsystem we go in depth with the label on their recent history.

1. Best label party I have been involved and why is…

Take it Easy: .Definitely our first Label Night at Ritter Butzke in Berlin and our ADE Party at the Loveland Office in Amsterdam. At both events people went crazy and the vibe was unbelievably lovely. I would say it was 100% Jeudish.

Doctor Dru: Thats right, the people feel at home and cosy at our events; thats how we roll. We have lots of respect for each other and I think the crowd can feel that.

2. The hardest thing about running JEUDI is…

Take it Easy: Getting us all together at the same time on one table for a physical label meeting. We all have a tough schedule. Martin is touring a lot as Doctor Dru, I am also almost never in town as I am running the Adana Twins project with my partner Friso. Davide takes care about the Baalsaal Club and lots of events in Hamburg. So mostly we have to communicate via mail and skype which is not always the best solution. There is nothing better than a nice labelmeet with snacks and beers with the homies.

Doctor Dru: Indeed and running a label is more work than you would think. Recently we engaged a label management team to get rid of all that daily administration. That helps a lot. So we where able to focus more on the creative stuff as the parties, our new CI and of course a&ring.

3. What I look in new music and when I’m A&Ring is…

Take it Easy: That I need to have this Ahaaa’ feeling when I am listen to a demo for the first time. It’s not really important for me that the sound is trendy or cool or is perfectly produced. When I listen to a demo it must shake my ass or bring a smile into my face. Also when we are searching for remixes we always take care that the remixers are artists whose tunes we are playing heavy in our sets. That way we know those guys will do a great job and they will move the dancefloor in the typical JEUDI way.

Doctor Dru: With this weekly routine of listening through hundreds of promos, demos and a loads new stuff, I think I learned to tell if a tune is working for me or not after just a few bars. The nice thing about JEUDI is that we are not focussed on one specific sound only. When listening through our back catalog our releaeses are quite diverse. When listening to JEUDI stuff you should say ‘Oh it’s damn good music’.

4. If I wasn’t running JEUDI I would be…

Take it Easy: Just doing my thing with my bro Friso under the Adana Twins project and running a nice ‘Green Smoothie’ Shop in Hamburg. Damn I love this healthy shit.

Doctor Dru: Okay without JEUDI there still would be our DJ careers. So what would happen but if I wasn’t involved in music is I really don’t know. I also like the food business a lot. There’s a lot happening and it’s very inspiring how much this business changed throughout the last 5 years. And I love food.

5. In 2015 JEUDI has…. 

Take it Easy: Lot’s of new releases and parties coming up. We just signed those two guys from Hamburg called Deo & Z-Man. Also Monte just finished an amazing house/techno anthem which is currently smashing it in all our sets. We are working on new remix series where artists that we love are remixing some JEUDI tracks of the past. The JEUDI fam is growing.

Doctor Dru: 2015 has been an exciting year for JEUDI so far. Just at the end of last year we’ve introduced our new CI. That was a real statement for us. JEUDI feels like grown up now, you know. We were working a lot on new beautiful merch together with our befriendend design agency VSM Studio. This is coming up soon to support our next releases TIE was mentioning earlier.

You can catch Jeudi Records at Sonar this week, find out more here –

Mix here –

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