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Natch & Dothen are a production/dj duo fast making some serious waves in the ocean that is the electronic music scene. Now an integral asset to the Deeperfect team, the Italians took some time out of their busy schedule to give us an insight into Natch & Dothen…

How did you guys first meet? What draws you together?

We met about 4 years ago. We were working both @ Deeperfect Records, doing different things. We became aware that our taste in music and our way to conceive music was similar, so we decided to begin this project.

Who does what, is one more on drums, one more on keys maybe?

We work together on everything. One of us works on the machines, the other assists him to develop the idea of the track.

And what is your studio like? Is it hardware or software you have in there? What are some of your favourite bits?

Our recording studio is just like our home. We spend so many hours every week there. It’s not so big but it has got everything we need. We work both on hardware and software. For instance to produce our beats, we often use a Roland Aira Tr-8, but sometimes we use a software.

Do you have any tips or tricks for yourself for staying sane and healthy on the road when touring?

Follow your passion, beyond the usual problems that job as a DJ, as any kind of job, may take you. Never surrender. Be humble. Be yourself.

Why dance music? Why be a DJ? Why make music? What gave you the bug?

Because it’s our passion. Because we think that music is the most powerful tool to get to the people, to give them something positive.

Do you know when you make a tune that it will be a big one? How do you know when a tune is ready?

It’s impossible to foresee how the audience may react to a new track. We’re DJ’s, we give our tracks a try before it’s released during our DJ sets. We can see how the people reacts to it. That’s often how you understand that a track is finished or still unfinished.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

We hope to be able to keep going on like this, improving ourselves a little more every day. We are producing new records and working at new collaborations. We hope they’ll be appreciated as the latest ones… or a little bit more.

What was the last record you bought and why?

Audion – Napkin

Because Audion is a genius and one of our favourite producer, respect for him!!

Top 5 tracks at the moment that you can’t stop playing?

Audion – Napkin (Original Mix)

Jose M & Tacoman – Equinoxe (Samu.l Remix)

The Martinez Brothers – Stuff In The Trunk feat. Miss Kittin (Original Mix)

Traumer – Classroom (Original Mix)

Shit Robot – Lose Control (Spencer Parker WorkMix)

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