Young Dutch talent Mees Salomé to release debut LP on Reinier Zonnefeld’s Filth On Acid Jul11


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Young Dutch talent Mees Salomé to release debut LP on Reinier Zonnefeld’s Filth On Acid

Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid label comes ready with a first ever album only 18 months after launching. In that time it has released music from big names like Carl Cox, Gabriel Ananda, Bart Skils, Pig&Dan, Emmanuel Top, Coyu and many more, and this standout full length comes from Mees Salomé. It explores melodic and immersive techno, is entitled Big Thoughts Like Elephants and has 12 tracks that really journey into many different moods and grooves and the whole thing plays out with a real sense of musicianship that leaves an indelible mark.

Mees Salomé is a 22 year old producer from the Netherlands who is a self taught guitarist, piano player and drummer. He mixes real melody with solid groove and counts the likes of Reinier Zonneveld, Joris Voorn, Kolsch and many more as fans. This new album shows off a broad array of sounds and skills and is sure to make him an even more essential talent.

Things open with Natural, a tender and thoughtful deep house groove with great keys and chords that take you into outer space. Letting Go is even more out there and suspense you in beautifully ambient keys and chords as gentle, soft drums tumble below. From there the likes of Just Thoughts get a little more driven but have gorgeous vocals from Mees himself that are really emotive, and the rushing chords of Like A Flock Of Birds In The Sky that wash over you and fill you with joy. 

Maybe has rubbery house drums but more expansive synths open up the track into the cosmos, Children of Men is darker and the latter half of the album shows a more club orientated sound with great grooves and heads down atmospheres. Unseen is another glorious track with celestial keys and synth lines and Sap shuts things down in epic fashion with dramatic drums and huge chords that leave you feeling cleaned and optimistic. 

Exclusive Premiere of ‘Athereal’ –


1. Mees Salomé – Natural (Original Mix)

2. Mees Salomé – Letting Go (Original Mix)

3. Mees Salomé – Just Thoughts (Original Mix)

4. Mees Salomé – Like A Flock Of Birds In The Sky (Original Mix)

5. Mees Salomé – Maybe (Original Mix)

6. Mees Salomé – Children Of Men (Original Mix)

7. Mees Salomé – Crybaby (Original Mix)

8. Mees Salomé – Only (Original Mix)

9. Mees Salomé – Athereal (Original Mix)

10. Mees Salomé – Slipping (Original Mix)

11. Mees Salomé – Unseen (Original Mix)

12. Mees Salomé – Sap (Original Mix)

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