Record of the day… Pablo Sanchez/Easy Out


Artist: Pablo Sanchez

Title: Easy Out

Label: Moodmusic Records

Release: 3rd August 2015

Cat. No. mood-165

Sasse’s Moodmusic label continues to lead the deep house scene with a new EP from Venezuelan producer Pablo Sanchez. His original comes backed with remixes from Patlac, Baldo and the boss himself.

Sanchez is an established producer who has released a number of collaborative EPs in his time. He also plays live, has toured the US and has links with labels like liebe*detail and GAMM amongst others.

You can hear relics of Sanchez’s years spent in New York on the excellent ‘Easy Out.’ The song is a modern take on the legacy of NY disco and friends of his like Metro Area and Nick Chacona. A true summer anthem, it’s got bold bass strokes, twinkling melodies and hip swaying hand claps that really suck you in.

First to tackle a remix is Patlac, a German star of Hamburg imprint liebe*detail, Noir and Pets Recordings who favours emotion in his music. His take on the original is the deepest and most heady of the lot, with rolling chords, slowly rising synth lines and a mischievous sense of late night energy.

Barcelona stalwart Baldo steps up next. He runs a pair of labels in Good Ratio and Neovinyl and is a fine DJ who plays alongside the best of them. His terrific version is stripped back and deep, insular and reverential with its spacey pads and cosmic atmospheres.

Finally, the boss steps up with a Bass Dub mix that is perfectly lazy and inviting, with smeared chords, textured bass stabs and a mid tempo groove that couldn’t be more suited to early evening sessions.

This is a lush EP full of nocturnal musical flavours that really will find a place in your affections.



2.Patlac Remix

3.Baldo Remix

4.Sasse Bass Dub

Describe the record in five words:

Warm, melodic, hypnotic, emotional, summer vibes

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?

Theres 4 versions on the EP, all with different flavours and textures that can appeal to a broad range of music fans. Remixers did a fantastic job and im sure this record will find its place among djs and music lovers.

How does it differ from your last release?

This release has more of a straight forward approach, chunky, disco leaning beats, and warm, inviting melodies and bass driving the track. I think it might be a less “cerebral” and more functional record compared to my last EP.

What was the inspiration for this release?

I was just returning from a month long surf trip in Indonesia when i started writing the beats and some of the melodies you can hear towards the end of “Easy Out”. Most likely still on that natural high you get after a good period of time away in paradise.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?

I like to play this at the Panther Room, the smaller room at Output in NY which sounds amazing and i had such a good time playing there before. Also at Propaganda Moscow, another place i really enjoy playing at.

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