Record of the day… Nils Penner/Mustang


Artist: Nils Penner
Title: Mustang EP
Label: Moodmusic Records

Release: 30th October 2015

Cat. No. mood-168

Nils Penner is the next to get the nod for an EP on Sasse’s perfectly deep Moodmusic Records. He serves up four tracks of absorbing club music that veer into techno territory and mark a slight move away from the work he has done in full length format as Penner & Muder.

As well as those albums, the German artist has been turning out great EPs on Freerange, Compost Black and Exploited and also featured on plenty of Moodmusic compilations over the years.

Excellent opener ‘Mustang’ is first and is a deep and driving techno cut with paranoid little synth hooks hanging above a rubbery kick drum line. Dark voices and blasts of frazzled bass add to the groove and the overall effect is hugely absorbing. The standout ‘Clouds’ is more edgy and unsettled, with spaceship sounds, dramatic synth lines, broken chords and bleepy alien percussion making for a physical track that never sits still for a second.

Next up is ‘Aurora,’ a deeper affair with modulating synths, a melodic bassline and spooky atmospherics that make it a perfect early morning jam for those discerning dance floors. Last but by no means least, ‘Lonely’ feels just that, with its sole sombre piano line draped over stripped back but warm, rich drums. Angelic vocals drift by like spirits in the night and this is another intimate club track for knowing back rooms.

Moodmusic is on a roll at the moment and this new EP from Nils Penner keeps up their fine track record in 2015.



2. Clouds

3. Aurora

4. Lonely

Describe the record in five words.

Intense. Rough. Lovely. Long. Strange

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?

That is obviously something everybody who is interested to find out has to check for himself. Perception of music is in no way an objective thing, so I could only speculate which does not make any sense.

How does it differ from your last release?

From what friends tell me it seems to be a whole different style. The thing is I never sit down and say to myself ‘OK brain, today we make a house track’. That is just not how it works for me or let’s say never works out for me. I start somewhere and I have no clue at all what may come out in the end. I am guessing this might be a problem for people in terms of what to expect from a Nils Penner release, but sorry can’t help it. Working on music with a clear goal upfront never will be my thing.

What was the inspiration for this release?

I would say my general inspiration is the way life is treating me at that particular moment. It might sound silly but for example if i am happy my inspiration is happiness, if I am sad my inspiration is sadness. There are moments of course when I am out in club and I hear a great track and think something like, uh, thats awesome how did the producer do this and that“ and then wanna go home immediately and try stuff. But I would say that is nothing more or
less than the initial kick to get started. What comes out usually depends on the overall state of mind. So for this release i guess I was somewhere between angry, maybe even a little frustated, but with a lot of energy.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?

I cannot really answer this one profoundly as i have not seen that many clubs in the world. for this release especially i would guess you need a really bad ass sound system, something like a big space and a really open minded crowd, so I am guessing from what I heard maybe a place like trouw would have been a great place to play this one out. some open air space might work out really well as well.

Here is the soundcloud link with previews:

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