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Record Of The Day…Jonny Cruz & Cali Lanauze ‘Equanimity’

We have the pleasure of speaking with Opulence label bosses Jonny Cruz and Cali Lanauze to talk about their own release on Ostentatious Vol. 1, the debut compilation from Opulence which features not only them, but underground talents such as Javier Carballo and Guido Schneider. When it comes to minimal, these two can only be classed as creative geniuses with an acute sense of setting the mood and groove. We learn more about the inspiration and appeal behind the release…

Describe the record in five words.

Hypnotic, trippy, dark, groovy, minimal.

What is it about the record that will appeal to the fans?

We think the groove specially with the hypnotic pads make a great combination and some modular tweaks here and there can make the track really trippy

How does it differ from your last release?

We think it differs a lot because our sound is at a much mature level and style wise we are in a good place at the moment (at least personally) 

What was the inspiration for this release?

Basically bring our own sound to the label. Deep, Groovy and Hypnotic.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?

We think the track could work really well in DC10, Ibiza for example.

Ostentatious Vol. 1 is out now! Grab it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/ostentatious-vol-1/2006716

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