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In Depth with…Supernova

Hi Guys, how are you?

Very good thanks, just recovering from an amazing Xmas party in Florence and looking at a great NYE party at Club Vertigo in Costa Rica.

We very much enjoyed your latest release (Revelations EP) on your Lapsus Label! We’ve seen a number of great releases on your label recently and over the past years, how did you first start it?

We started Lapsus Music back in in 2009 with the aim of releasing music from us without waiting ages the reply of the other labels and at same time to develop a platform for young artists to discover new talents. We had also the pleasure to welcome many already established artists and friends we are still collaborating.


How long have you two known each other? Have you been friends since you were young?

We are both from Florence and had some friends in common when we were around 20 years old. We met again at a party after many years in Florence. Emiliano was working on the official CD of his Sunday night party in Florence and asked to Giacomo to try to do it in his studio in Milan. We start working on the project and after a few days of working we both felt we would have worked together for many years. That was in 2002. The CD was released in 2003 called “After Beach” (like the Sunday party ) and was the first album of a new duo called Supernova.

Were you both musical from a young age. What were you listening to before dance music?

We where listening to many kind of music going from the sound that was more popular in the 80 and 90’s, Duran Duran, Wham, Prince, Pet Shop Boys just to name a few, till the most quality rock, funk and jazz as well.


What influenced you to make house and techno?

We loved house music since it first appearance on the scene. We have been attracted by this new sounds that were going through the radio and in the clubs in the 80’s and we felt in love with the dj role since the first parties. House music was something new that you could try to make at “home”. When we put our hands on the first Akai sampler was love at first sight.


Your sound has a signature groove to it. What artists would you say have gad the biggest influences on your music?

Groove Armada, Chemical Brothers, Kerri Chandler, Inner City, 808 State, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and all the 90’s music from House to Techno we have played at the beginning of our Dj’s career.


What is your preferred studio set up?

We use Ableton live as production software and most of the UAD plugs to mix and master the tracks, but always going through some analog summing mixers like Api or Dangerous. We love to mix up vinyl samples with sounds pulled out  from our hardware analog synths as the Prophet V, Minimoog Voyager, Juno 60 or Pro2 just to name a few.


We also saw you have a release dropping on the infamous NYC label ‘Nervous’. Whats your relationship with Nervous? How did you come to release on the label?

Yes we have just released a remix for one of their 25 year celebration releases on vinyl first and then digital. We are in touch with Mike Weiss since many years and he have booked us already a couple of times at Cielo in NYC. We’ve always been big fans of Nervous Records buying many of their vinyls back in the 90’s!


Your release fuses hip hop and techno sampling Black Moon, with famous New York MC Buckshot. What inspired you to make such a track. Are you guys big Hip Hop fans?

Yes we have been always fans of hip hop in the past. We’ve been asked from Nervous to do a remix from a track of their back catalogue and we found this cool Hip Hop track from the famous NYC’s band Black Moon. We felt that would have been a good challenge to try and bring this great hip hop acappella on a solid house groove, and we started working on it. After playing this in NYC at Cielo back in September, both us and all Nervous crew were happy with the outcome and decided to go head with the release.


You guys get about a lot with a busy tour schedule. How do you manage touring and studio time? Does it get tiring?

When we’re on tour we try to get inspired by what we live and play around the world ; when we are in the studio we try to finalize everything and concentrate on research listening to our vinyl collection.

Sometimes when we’re around and we have the opportunity to stay for a long time in the same city we try to set up a “mobile” studio and work on new ideas.


You’re playing at the famed BPM festival in Mexico. What parties can we expect to see you at and are you excited?

We are really excited to bee back at BPM this year again. We are playing on January 12th day time at Wah Wah for the Stereo Productions Showcase alongside our brothers Chus & Ceballos and many great artists! Looking forward to it!


What does the future hold in store for Supernova and Lapsus Music?

We are looking to find the sound that best represents the synthesis of the musical background of us both. We are spending so many hours spent in the studio lately and we are very happy about what is coming out. So far we have a track out in January on Stereo Productions BPM sampler another one on the Lapsus Music Bpm Sampler and a new EP going out February 6th on Elrow Music…but more news are coming soon :)

As for Lapsus Music we have a bg and tight schedule in the first half of 2017 with music and remixes coming from Luna City Express, Matthias Tanzmann, Gene Farris, Piemont, Marc De Pulse & Rafael Cerato, Dario D’Attis, Sven Tasnadi, Channel X, Alex Flatner and Lopazz, Sante Sansone, 2 Sides Of Soul, Big Ma Mi, Fex and many more. The family is getting more and more solid. 2017 is looking great so far!

Supernova’s ‘Revelation’ Ep is out now on Lapsus Music.

Grab it here – https://www.beatport.com/release/revelation/1915351


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