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In Depth With…Sasse


Klas-Henrik Lindblad, also known as Moodmusic label boss Sasse, has been a long time in the game and has pretty much seen it all and done it all. EQTV caught up with Klas to chat about his new release “Eko Masala” on Mina Records and to find out what he has planned for his label’s 20th birthday celebrations….

Nice to meet you Klas, how have you been and what have you been doing lately?

I´m very well thank you.  I’ve been locked most of the summer and autumn in the studio producing & mixing exciting projects and recording some bits myself. It’s really refreshing to be in the hometown Berlin for a longer period of time. Due to touring I feel I did not have this luxury for some time.

How has your summer been this year compared to past years?

The summer was great, lots of nice club gigs, some festivals and a long summer holiday with my family. Compared to years before I actually took time off in the summer which is great of course! I was missing a few great parties due to this, but to tell you the truth I’ve seen enough and I prefer the beach to the club.

What has been your highlights?

I can’t pinpoint any special events, but I had a great time mixing the new Blond:ish album ‘Welcome To The Present’ on Kompakt which we finalised in July in my studio in Berlin. I really love the album and how it turned out – great concept and artwork.

Your track “Eko Masala” is due for release next month on Mina Records, tell us all about the track and where it came from?

My own releases have been quite scarce in the 2015, as I did so many remixes and  mixed and produced other artists. So it was refreshing to make this release on Mina. I had them in mind for some time as I absolutely love their output. So after this long analog session I was evaluating what to do with this new tune and then eventually I sent the track to Masaya and Eko Masala was born and immediately signed.

What attracted you to Mina Records?

The last few releases have been just really nice, they have a really high quality output, not only in their choice or artists and remixers, but also the mixing and mastering is immaculate, which I value a lot.

Is this the direction of your future output or do you like to mix up your styles?

Well, I’ve been so long in the game that I probably could get away with anything really. But at the moment I enjoy jams and more techno in general. And I get inspired by the awesome music out there, so many talented producers are really giving me the push to do my own music again.

Lets talk about your own amazing label – Moodmusic, how has running your own label changed in the last ten years? 

Thanks, I’m very happy to be working with the most talented artist out there. We have a core group of people working for the label and I feel it’s a family thing. Everyone knows each other and works together which is very nice. I think musically things really opened up in the last few years in Berlin as well. Take for example the melting pot of techno and house and more experimental stuff in clubs , and the overall diversity which we get offered here is immense.

What artist’s and releases do you have coming up that your especially excited to share with us?

I’m super excited about 2016, we are having our 20th anniversary for Moodmusic and are planning big things for the label. First of all we release an anniversary compilation where lots of familiar and new faces are featured. And there will be a tour to promote the compilation as well with lots of label parties.

We have EP’s signed by Maurice Aymard, Ed Ed, Jonas Saalbach, Affect!, Def Mike and more – so it will be an exciting start of the year for sure.  And there will be a special remix pack of ‘They Say’ from Alessio Pagliaroli featuring Jinadu – which was a big tune for me personally last summer. Remixes are coming from Anthony Georges Patrice, Jonas Saalbach & Chris Robin and Alexander Maier.

Sasse – “Eko Masala” is released on Mina Records 1st December 2015

To check out what Sasse and his Moodmusic label have out right now click here…. 

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