In Depth with Rogério Martins Jan09


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In Depth with Rogério Martins

We have the pleasure of speaking with Portuguese house tastemaker and label boss Rogério Martins. His Piston Recordings imprint recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a diverse and grooving compilation LP. We find out more about the label, his own productions and the skills involved in running a successful label…


How was your Christmas and New Year? Do you have a break away from music?

Hello! Christmas and New Year was very good thanks! I never really play on new years eve, but i did go out and party on x-mas night! I don’t normally break away from music, although things around the office tend to go a bit slower than normal as everyone else is on holiday breaks.

Tell us about your ten year compilation with your label Piston Recordings – what was the aim with it, what did you want it to say?

Our ten year compilation came in pretty late in the year as a idea to mark our 10 years milestone. Basically the aim for it was to celebrate the occasion with some of our old school artists and mix them up with the label’s younger breed in a release that crosses the genres we normally put out, from Deep House to House and Tech House.

Why not do a retrospective, why decide to do all new tracks?

That would be just another release dumped in the market, and i didn’t want that to mark the 10th anniversary. All original and exclusive tracks was the only way to go, it was just a matter of how many and from who. So i dished out some e-mails to our artists and almost all who i contacted got back in time with a brand new track for us!

What have been the best lessons you have learnt in the last 10 years of running the label?

Many to mention to be honest, but one that stands out is that perseverance and believing in what you do is half the way to get anywhere! If you really believe in something don’t let anyone say you can’t do it.

And what have been the hardest bits, the biggest challenges to overcome?

There’s been some trials and tribulations here and there, but nothing that can’t be dealt with. I believe the biggest challenge has been betting on unknown talent, something that we have as motto since day one and showcasing them to the world from scratch. It is with great joy that i see talents like Piek, Accatone, Di Chiara Brothers, Bonetti, Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax to name just a few, thriving in today’s house scene and they all at some point had a release or more with us before all the fuzz around them. That tells me i was right back then! 


What are the tracks you have released that you are most proud of in the last ten years?

With over a thousand tracks in the catalog this is no easy task. Nevertheless there are a few that spring to mind like Accatone – Tribute To Kerri, Piek – Ma Business (Hector Couto Dub Mix), Rick Wade – The Well or my very own All That I Need.

Anyone you would really like to work with in a dream world?

Yeah there’s a few for sure. Kerri Chandler, Chez Damier or Mall Grab quickly spring to mind.

You made a track yourself for it – was it done with the compilation in mind? What inspired it?

Yes, it was done with the compilation in mind. Inspiration came from the early opening sets i’ve done in my career with a laidback and minimal feeling evoking the early detroit house sound.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

2018 will see a new vinyl release from me in Piston, still planning on what exactly will be coming out, but before the summer there will be a new slice of black gold flying around for sure. I’m also looking forward for our upcoming showcase at the Lisboa Electronica – Musiculture festival in Lisbon, 4/5/6/7 of April, you can look out for more info & tickets here:

10 Years of Piston Recordings is out now! grab it here:

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