In Depth With…Joluca (Sooo Wet) Jun09


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In Depth With…Joluca (Sooo Wet)

We have the pleasure of speaking with Canadian artists Joluca to celebrate their debut release on Sooo Wet. We find out about their inspirations, musical upbringing, studio set up and there plans for the year ahead…

Hey Joluca, how are you? For any of our readers who might not be familiar with you, would you like to introduce yourself to them?

We’re good! We just got back from a festival and are in recovery mode at the moment. Our names are Adam and David, better known (or perhaps soon to be better known) as Joluca.

You’re from Canada, whatʼs the dance scene like over there?

It’s… unique. There are a lot of great, talented people pushing underground dance music in Western Canada, but it can still feel like we’re on the outside looking in when it comes to the worldwide house music scene. That said, some of our favourite shows we’ve ever attended or played have been right here in our hometown of Edmonton — usually as part of Night Vision, the collective of artists and DJs that we’re a part of.

How did growing up there influence your musical career? 

Nickelback is from our home province.

Were you always musical growing up? What inspired you to start producing house music? 

Adam: I’d like to think so, I’ve been playing instruments since I was about 10 and music was always the thing I chose for myself. It’s one of the few things in my life that was never “introduced” to me. I had to seek it out, which makes it personal. I ended up falling in love with house music after a long adventure through all kinds of electronic music. Being in London for a semester at Point Blank probably sealed the deal for me as that was my first exposure to a place and scene like that.

Dave: My inspiration to start DJing and producing came from a sheer love of electronic music. One moment I can pick out is watching Justice’s Across The Universe for the first time (and many times after that). Something about that flipped a switch in my head. Later, attending festivals like Shambhala, Bass Coast, and Burning Man would seal the deal as to what I wanted to really do with my life.

What is your set up like in your studio? Do you have any signature hardware or plugins you use regularly? 

We share a space in downtown Edmonton with 10 of our closest friends, so we have access to an unruly amount of gear. Some hardware favourites include the Prophet 6, Juno 106, Sub 37, Elektron Analog Heat, TB-3, and Ableton Push. Software wise, we’re really into the entire Soundtoys bundle, FabFilter, D16 Group, and the UAD stuff.

Regardless of genre, is there any artists/producers you see as your main musical influences?

The Doors, D-Train, and The Martinez Brothers

If you were able to play anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Any Elrow party, they look absolutely nuts. We think it’d be a perfect fit for Joluca and is definitely a dream of ours.

Lastly, tell us a bit more about what you have lined up for the year ahead?

Bass Coast, Bass Coast, Bass Coast. We’ll be playing as part of the Night Vision showcase and we’re too stoked. Also, finishing up an EP for Night Vision. We’re excited to work on some new tracks and line up some releases for the Fall and Winter.

Joluca’s ‘Swingers’ Ep is out now on Sooo Wet

Grab it here –

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