In Depth With…Baron Massilia Feb16


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In Depth With…Baron Massilia

We get a chance to talk to one of France’s underground stars and Boss of the 432 Hertz Label, Baron Massilia, ahead of his latest release. With his slick house and techno cuts gracing dance floors worldwide, its a pleasure to sit down and talk about his sound and influences.

Hi Baron, how are you?

Fine thanks.

We love the latest release with Lukem, ‘First Time In Chicago’. It’s just a smooth track, what was the inspiration behind that?

In fact, Lukem is a big fan of the Chicago House, and he buys all the vinyls for a while … We’re both fans of the Kings Of Tomorrow, and all the Chicago Scene. Lukem went to the studio with a demo of 8 measures, and we started to work the track together. Lukem brings the feeling, and I work on the sound.   

Whether it’s looking for talented new artists, like Julien M., or Lukem, or rummaging around in the studio, to push the sound even further.

It’s released on your own imprint 432 Hertz. What’s the story behind you setting up your own label?

Regarding432 Hertz Records, the label is a bit like the realization of our underground musics love, and especially this perpetual search for sound discovery, and for your ears!

What’s your relationship with Lukem. How did he come to collaborate on the track?

I knew Lukem at Radio Star Marseille, 25 years ago … ! He’s a friend for a long time, and when we make music, it’s only because we like to be together in the studio, making fat sound.

It’s the first track in a series of singles, the second being with Julien. M. Why did you choose to release them like that rather than an EP?

I only want to give a chance to each track. When you do an EP, there is generally a strong track, and the other. I try to work hard on each track, and that’s why they are so different.

What’s your studio set up to make such a track?

Ah !! Acoustic, RME FireFace, Strong Workstation on Windows 7 64, Cubase 8.5 & 9 ( in cubase 9, the last it’s finished for the plugs in 32bits … Stupid !), TC Powercore X8, UAD Cards, and some analog …

What artists would you say influence your sound?

ACDC, Danny Tenaglia, Daft Punk, Satoshi Tommie, Hard Floor, Sepultura, KC & The Sunshine Band …

Were you musical growing up. How did you start producing dance music?

I’m self-taught, I learned by myself and looking to the others. I spent a lot of time in Clubs when I was 17, and when I met Dj Pedro & Luke Skywalker (the dj …) I realised how technical it was to mix in a club, to make dance the people, each night. I understood that the importance of the sound, the power of the sound, the frequencies, the kick! I decided to start producing, and I bought a soundblaster 128 !, a Kawai 5000, and a Akai S950, and started music, I was 17.

Would you say growing up in France affected your sound and style of music?

Yes, in France it’s only Lobbies, friends, etc … no place for the sound and the underground, for a guy who lives in Marseille, and do not go each weekend in parties. In France, A&R from majors sign a track when it’s a hit. Independant labels sign a track, when they know the artist. Generally, in France if you understand the music business, and if you make something different, there’s no way for you. Ask to Daft Punk why they went out of France before coming back when they were known… The only one who took some risks, was Emmanuel de Buretel. My country is not a country for music, artists, and underground, and I won’t do anything in France in music…

What does the future hold for Baron? Any more releases and collaborations we should be excited about?

First, I would like that more and more Djs play my sound in wav, and not in mp3, they lose the sub from 0 to 50htz  !! They’re crazy !! Second, I will be in NY in march to work in two different studios, with singers, musicians, to see my friend Alexis Psaroudakis from Sterling Sound, and make new tracks with Zetyd, Lukem, and maybe Vincent Daubas… Last? To still work on Aaron Baron’s project, and maybe on a new trap project, and a pop mainstream

Baron’s ‘First Time in Chicago’ is out on February 20th on 432 Hertz Records

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