How GRID App Could Save The Future of Social Gatherings Jun23


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How GRID App Could Save The Future of Social Gatherings


Much loved open-air garden Kiesgrube hosted their first safe and socially distanced gathering Stay Wild Moonchild in Duisburg, Germany thanks to a hook up with the brand new, game-changing app GRID. It proved a huge success, and followed up last Sunday June 21st with Boris Werner, Wouter S and Tapesh playing. The likes of Pan-Pot, William Djoko, Detroit Swindle, Tom Trago, Lazare Hoche, Anotr, Franky Ricardo and more all set to appear throughout summer.

Making all this possible is GRID, an app that Kiesgrube Founder Tom Preuss invested in, alongside trivago Founder Rolf Schrömgens, Vetsak Founder Max Gansow and Gastronomy Entrepreneur Walid El Scheikh.

Could this new app save the music and gastronomy industries through digitalisation? It is looking likely, and has received exceptional feedback thus far. Over the past 18-months, the team at GRID had already been working on a way to digitialize and disrupt the highly-complex offline gastronomy and events space. The newly launched app, offers a glimpse into the future of social life. GRID’s technology coupled with their long-term vision, offers a previously unheard of level of efficiency, insight, data and personalization possibilities, in an industry where none has existed before. Combining their backgrounds in tech, ecommerce and gastronomy, the team created an app aimed at revolutionizing the way we come together.


With the current government limitations, Kiesgrube found a fresh and exciting, but also safe way to party this summer, and it comes after the team was flooded with outcry once they announced they were closing. “Our community was desperate to find a way that we could still come together safely under the current restrictions. You see, Kiesgrube is more than meets the eye, we are a family – and of course our family missed each other,” says Kiesgrube Founder, Tom Preuss.

“Family also takes care of one another; and it was absolutely clear that we would only bring people together if we could find an exceptionally safe way to do so.”

“Safety and hygiene are of the utmost importance these days. Imagine a world in which you could check-in using your phone, where you don’t have to stand in line beside other guests, where all ordering is done contactless online, and all payments are exchanged digitally. Where there is no need to speak with a waiter, and where you could enjoy being social again, while keeping chances of contagion to an absolute minimum,” says Valentin Yeo from GRID. “When Tom came to us, we knew that we had to be fast to make this vision a reality for ‘Stay Wild Moonchild.”

Solutions already built by the GRID team pre-pandemic, could now contribute to prevent further job loss, and could be feasible immediately. It would not only be possible to provide a safe environment for restaurants, beer gardens and more, but one that goes above and beyond government safety measures. With tremendous support from the cities of Düsseldorf and Duisburg, as well as Rheinperle, Kiesgrube’s, “Stay Wild Moonchild ” is the first open-air gathering of it’s kind to safely (and digitally) open using GRID this summer.

Safety measures include:
Ticketing and Check-in is all digital, via GRID.
Drinks and snacks are ordered directly from the table, using the GRID app, and brought to the tables by hygiene-trained, mask-equipped staff. There is no need for cash to be exchanged, tipping is also done via app.
COVID-19 registration is also done via app – eliminating the need for pens and paper to be handled between staff and guests.
Wardrobe is done via app rather than via ticket stub.
Regular dance floor giving way to a new table concept, with a maximum of eight individuals allowed per table.
Mixing long drinks are a no-no,therefore bottle-only beverage service is allowed.
Masks are mandatory when entering and moving around the premises.
With two separate events happening per day (Sundays, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.); with digital ticketing and checking-in happening via the GRID app, Kiesgrube is able to regulate live the maximum number of visitors.

To purchase tickets via GRID app for ‘Stay Wild Moonchild’ visit



About GRID:

The Future of Events, Digitalized. With interfaces for both guests, and hosts, GRID enables events to take place, completely contactless and digitally. With GRID, long lines and guest lists, cash transactions and face-to-face ordering, lost tickets and wristbands, (not to mention smudged morning after stamps) are no longer a thing. With the vision to earn status, collect badges, build-up loyalty and more. When you go out, GRID gets you in.


About Kiesgrube:

For some, the Kiesgrube has been one of the most legendary open air clubs on the electronic music scene in Germany, for others it is a magical place of longing in its purest form. Opened in 1997 and continuously developed since then, it has retained its very special charm to this day. Hardly a big DJ superstar who hasn’t played here yet, from Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Marco Carola, Loco Dice, to Tale of Us, Ricardo Villalobos or Fatboy Slim. But that’s not the point. The reason why thousands of like-minded insane individuals make pilgrimages here from all corners of the globe, to forget everyday life on Sundays? It’s difficult to put into words: Maybe it’s the extraordinary decoration with love in every detail, or the one-of-a-kind location, or maybe its the perfectly designed proximity to the DJ. Whatever it is, the atmosphere is magical, mystical, with a vibe unlike any other.


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