Einmusik to release latest ‘Serenade’ LP on his label Einmusika Recordings Sep29


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Einmusik to release latest ‘Serenade’ LP on his label Einmusika Recordings

The music scene is asking for a revolution as the world is going crazy. How should we deal with long winters and days without light?

Einmusik answers with peace. His new longplayer “Serenade“ brings moments of freedom and magic. The Berlin based producer and live act combines the pace of electronic music with classical composing on Movement I, which is the dance part of the album. First “Serenade“ comes in with industrial cold claps and a techy hook. A typical Einmusik track and the start for a cross-genre journey.

Without loosing the drive this album part creates a special relaxed atmosphere. Songs like “Maan“ are asking and answering many questions with emotive piano parts. A natural groove, rolling bass lines and redemptive breaks. Samuel Kindermann created his own language which is spoken all around the globe.
In “Biscarrosse“ so many international influences come together,“Nightingale“ brings a dark vibe to turn into a sunrise later and “Marin“ is pumping and shows a new electronical chapter which takes your breath away when it breaks

On “Nordkapp“ everything gets lost – the piano part is breaking trough the clouds slowly, with a clear statement of how to make everything better, just an idea how it can become easier. With Movement II you can discover a part of Einmusik which was behind the curtain but has always been part of his performances. Only a hand full of electronic producers show their passion and love to their own music while performing like he does. And so the track “Cenote“ is the start of a deep dive. A cosmic listening experience, slowed down, di erent and with massive impact.

The sun is shining on the “Nob Hill“ – of course this tune brings the California vibe and its easiness. “Prana“ starts melancholic before the strings announce hope and love. More bleeps and cosmic vibes in “Ayana“ with its big opening moments. Back on earth with “Precious“. Let’s stay a bit. Everything will be fine.

Movement I
1) Serenade 
2) Maan
3) Biscarrosse 
4) Nightingale 
5) Marin
6) Seesaw 
7) Nordkapp

Movement II
1) Cenote 
2) Nob Hill 
3) Prana 
4) Ayana 
5) Precious

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