Digital Devil Recordings announce new EP from Greg Fenton: Freeze Frame! Mar28


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Digital Devil Recordings announce new EP from Greg Fenton: Freeze Frame!

Digital Devil release number eight brings you “Freeze Frame” By Greg Fenton, following on from his previous contribution on the label with his excellent EP “Hot Mess”. The reviewer For DMC and Magazine Sixty, hits a gargantuan blow with his second release on the label.

Freeze Frame: The title track begins with a series of thoughts relating to a historical event, which then transform themselves into smoky atmospheres resonating with the decay of nature. Framed around grainy drums, the production comes fully loaded via a breath of pads and expansive synthesizers, each denoting the power beyond the apparent.

Revolution: Referencing the spirit of the 1960s and early 70s, the track hits deep via moody, sub-bass plus banging kick drums. It again comprises of a set of expanding ideas which suggest, there is always something else going on beneath the surface.

Cat on a Hat: Relating to the Tribal beats of mid-nineties New York, the surreal title comes from a picture in Gregs studio of a bird perched on top of a cat, who incidentally is looking very mischievous. Booming bass accompanies commanding beats, all of which are offset by a fizzy fusion of electronics, keeping the production firmly placed in 2018.

Carnival: This track feeds into the excitable notion of Carnival as hot, fiery percussion, loops across a fevered bass and intense sound effects. Raising the temperature of the EP the track is all about the potential excitement of what could happen next.

1) Freeze Frame
2) Revolution
3) Cat On A Hat
4) Carnival

Check out the preview here:


Release date: 30/3/2018! Pre-order here:

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