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60 Seconds With… Ivan Latyshev

Not many electronic music subjects are as intriguing as Ivan Latyshev. The Russian producer isn’t just a fine craftsman when it comes to pushing underground house and techno, but he’s also obsessed with mountaineering, fitness and more. A true musical fanatic, we wouldn’t bet against Mr.Latyshev being a name that you read much more about over the next while. We checked in with him recently, just as his recent EP was set to drop on the excellently named Spaghetti Monster label…

What’s your earliest ‘musical’ memory?

The first time I entered the music class I was shocked by what I saw: a huge concert hall and classes with pianos. I was just five and was so nervous that I couldn’t stop crying for 2 hours! They had to call the principal to calm me down but I punched him in the face! A year-and-a-half later I was playing piano in the hall to delegates from Finland and feeling a lot better about it.

What was it that drove you to get into the music industry?

Something drove me to. My love of house music came through bands like Groove Armada, Daft Punk and the Chemical Brothers. In 2000 I went to a Neva Deep party at the Griboedov club in St. Petersburg. I was so impressed that the next day I quit my job, bought some vinyl and started to play music. I started producing a little bit later in 2003

Who have been the most influential people in your musical development?

There’s been so many different people. Rakhmaninov inspired me a lot. It’s maybe very difficult to imagine how Rakhmaninov can inspire an electronic music producer, but I think it’s like someone else riding an exercise bike in front of windows with a mountain view!

Who inspires you outside of music?

My wife and my family definitely inspire me. Also good books, classical music and adult jazz. I really enjoy nature, trees, forests and I like to run. My biggest passion is actually mountains; I have been in Nepal three times.

What are the biggest three challenges facing you at this moment in time?

1) I want to produce a full album with a symphonic orchestra. Maybe even in the form of a musical scene. In my head, electronic music goes great with an orchestra.

2)  I want to learn to switch off when I produce music

3)  I want to run a marathon

What is the best event you’ve appeared at and why?

I was impressed with Snarky Puppy in Berlin. I’ve never heard anything like that. They really rock. I was also impressed with Kink live at ADE. He knows what to do in public.

If you could collaborate with ANYONE in the world (past or present) who would it be and why?

I’m afraid Rakhmaninov would not agree, but I would like to make couple of records with Thom Yorke. That’d be amazing.

If you weren’t in the music game, what game would you be playing?

To be honest Logic Pro X, with all its updates, is quite enough for me that I only like running for 7-10 kilometers every morning!

Who gives you the most support in your life and work?

My wife and friends. There are a couple of music friends who are always ready to give advice.

If you only had 3 months to live, what would you want to do with them?

I was always dreaming on a question like this. I always try to live each day like the last one. I could answer like that and say I’ll save all the kids in the world or it will be like knocking on heavens door movie, but it’s hard to imagine what you’d do in that situation when you’ve only a few months. So let me answer romantically – I’d go to the Himalayas.

Ivan Latyshev’s ‘My <M> My <S>’ is out now on Spaghetti Monster

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