Record Of The Day: Vibe Killers – Busy (Andrea Di Rocco Remix)

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Artists – Vibe Killers, Andrea Di Rocco

Title – Hypnotised EP

Label – Killer Vibe Records

Release Date – Out Now


The now well established Vibe Killer Records label is back with an essential fifth release. Once again the Burnley pair of Mark and Mickey Horsey are behind the two great originals, with Andrea Di Rocco the remixer.

Mark and Mickey Horsey aka Vibe Killers have put out a ton of heavyweight house tracks on their own label as well as the likes of Sinnmusik, Celesta Recordings, Audiowhore Records & more. They are in the know DJs who can work any crowd and after years in the game they are still as fresh and relevant as ever.

First up, Hypnotised is a deeper, more slow burning cut than the following two productions, with bubbling bass, lots of chattery snares and freaky vocals to add a real sense of late night mischief to any dance floor.

Busy is a bulky cut with razor sharp hi hats, raved up vocal stabs and meaty drums that pack a real punch. It is high impact stuff to rattle ribs and test speakers and will fill any basement or warehouse with richly designed sound.

The remix follows from Italian techno star Andrea Di Rocco (who has a decade plus in the game, and releases on 1605, AEON and Dirtybird) is just as high impact as the original. It is a little slinkier though, with nimble bass stabs, raucous percussion and refracted vocals bouncing about the mix. It’s a real banger that is sure to turn heads.

Once again then, this is a stellar package from the Burnley boys.


Full EP Tracklisting:

A) Vibe Killers – Hypnotised (Original Mix)
B) Vibe Killers – Busy (Original Mix)
C) Vibe Killers – Busy (Andrea Di Rocco Remix)


Describe the record in five words.

Busy. Banging. dark. Warehousey. Is 4 enough haha!

What is it about the record that will appeal to the fans?

The bassline sounds buzzing on a big system mate we tried it at the weekend and it went off. Pirupa dropped it on his Essential Mix too, had a big response since then on our soundcloud page.

How does it differ from your last release?

It is similar, in that one side is a bit more chilled, with the other side banging. We also got Andrea Di Rocco in to remix, which is the first ever remix for killer vibe records – it sounds mint too!

What was the inspiration for this release?

No inspiration really pal we just get in the studio and see what happens.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?

Warung in Brazil would be next level!

Here is a Soundcloud link to the Andrea Di Rocco remix of ‘Busy’…

The Hypnotised EP is out now on Killer Vibe Records and available here

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