Record of the day… Terrence Pearce/Last Night Lover


Artist: Terrence Pearce
Title: ‘Last Night Lover EP’
(inc. Francis Inferno Orchestra remix)
Label: FINA Records
Vinyl: TBC
Digital: TBC
Cat No: FINA019

FINA Records presents Terrence Pearce’s ‘Last Night Lover EP’ featuring the return of Francis Inferno Orchestra on the rework.

Having previously released on a number of prominent labels including Futureboogie, Wolf Music, Petfood, Kolor, Dark Energy and Freshmeat, Cape Town based DJ/Producer Terrence Pearce has emerged as a talented and sought after artist and is the latest quality edition to FINA Records’ roster. Here ‘Last Night Lover EP’ offers up a healthy dose of the forward thinking house productions for which Terrence has become renowned; a 3 tracker that demonstrates his impeccable sonic style and production prowess.

The title track sets the tone from the off. The long and drawn out spacey synths transfix whilst the fading in and out of the subdued strings, offset against the low end warble and the foregrounded off beat percussion, give this classy understated cut a deliciously smooth and timeless quality.

‘Come On Yah’ meanwhile is a warm and effortless disco edged groove, characterized by its infectious low-end throb and clever concoction of playful rhythms, punchy hats, staccato strings and off kilter chords.

Then, out of nowhere ‘Taxi’ arrives; a wonderfully leftfield amalgamation of horn beeping, door slamming, taxi hollering madness, aggressive techno stabs and a relentless belter of a bass line which drives the contagious rhythm to an unexpected frenetic funk filled break.

Last up and hot off the back of his widely acclaimed debut album ‘A New Way of Living’, Melbourne’s Francis Inferno Orchestra returns to FINA, this time on ‘Taxi’ remixing duties. After a masterful dose of his signature drum machine rhythms, early rave like samples and rainforest atmospherics FIO softens the original into near obscurity.

A1 – ‘Last Night Lover’
A2 – ‘Come On Ya’
B1 – ‘Taxi’
B2 – ‘Taxi’ [Francis Inferno Orchestra ‘Dreaming of Wonthaggi Version’]

Describe the record in five words.

Drinking Dancing Fornicating Regretting Denial

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?

Hopefully it’ll help them not make bad late night decisions

How does it differ from your last release?

Probably a lot more loose production wise, more rolling grooves and then just a free for all when it comes to “Taxi”

What was the inspiration for this release?

I wrote it in Winter trying to conjure up the gods of Summer

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?

Panorama Bar

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