Record of the day… James Dexter / Everything EP

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Artist: James Dexter

Title: Everything EP

Label: Inermu

Release: Out Now

Cat. No. INERMU001

James Dexter is a talented London based house artist who now branches out with his own brand new label, Inermu. The focus will be club ready house and techno with a modern twist.

Dexter serves up a fine three track EP to open up the label’s account, and it follows some head turning, floor filling releases on other outlets such as Holic Trax, Danse Club Records, Little Helpers and Lost My Dog as well as many more. His house sound is robust and groove laden, with fat bass and infectious percussive patterns all sounding refreshing and expertly produced.

Opener ‘Everything’ is a bubbly, dubby and deep house cut with muttered vocals woven into a slick house groove. Wavy chords and lush pads lend the whole thing an inviting and steamy atmosphere as the garage like perc skips on in the distance.

‘The Sly One’ is then a slightly slower, wonkier cut that is full of rich bass, steamy female coos and plenty of funk. The production is rich and warm, fulsome and inviting and is sure to lock people in from the start once it gets dropped this summer.

Things pick up for closer Out Of Sight, which has frictionless and effortlessly cool percussive patterns gliding over loopy, deep rooted bass and punchy kicks. This is modern, forward facing house music at its finest.

This first EP on Inmeru is a fine affair that will likely win both label and artist many new fans and is sure to keep them locked to the project going forward.


1. Everything

2. The Sly One

3. Out Of Sight

Describe the record in five words.

Deep, Warm, Grooving, Underground House

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?

Each track is totally different, there’s a good variety of sounds and character on each one, which to me is very important when releasing EP’s, It’s shows versatility & keeps people listening to what you’re doing. I love the striped back groove of track 2 “The Sly One”. It sounds great in a club.

How does it differ from your last release?

My last release was an EP on Tuccillo’s label Unblock music, that was a little more on the House tip, where as this EP i feel is a bit deeper and more driven for the clubs.

What was the inspiration for this release?

All my inspiration is drawn from the wide range of music i listen to & play out, as well as the club nights i go to & DJ’s i see play. I made Track 3 “Out of Sight” a few days after i saw Marco Carola in London earlier this year, which definitely inspired the groove & drive on that track.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?

DC10, Ibiza. I would love to hear these tracks on that sound system.

Take a peak here –



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