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Artists – Acumen

Title – My Girls LP

Label – Time Has Changed

Release Date – OUT NOW


French DJ, label owner, producer and live act Acumen is back with a brand new album entitled ‘My Girls’. Written over six months locked in his studio, it features eleven tracks produced “with my heart and soul” and shows his wide set of skills and great depth of ideas as well featuring fine guests like Dave Seaman, Lopazz and Betoko.

Having put music out on Get Physical and Mobilee with the likes of Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice and Laurent Garnier all counting themselves as fans, Acumen is a very real player in the global club scene. He runs his own Time Has Changed label and as a live performer cooks up intoxicating house sound tracks that are made on the fly and showcases his wide musical taste.

Things kick off with the mid tempo title track featuring Lopazz. It is a an electric cut with great synths and rubbery drums sucking you right in. From there things get deep and moody on ‘Lea,’ whilst ‘Suddenly’ is more upbeat and dance floor aligned with its slick claps and emotive vocal cries.

‘Quota’ again drops into deep and warm house territory with darkened drums, sombre pads and shiny synths all making for a spooky sound world. ‘Already Gone’ shows a love for rolling main room house with its whirring cords and squelchy drums, then the angelic, emotive ‘Interlude For Sophie’ makes a thoughtful section of the album that is pregnant with sadness.

Hot talent Bekoto makes an appearance on ‘Guest House’, which is a colourful, trippy and synth heavy tech cut that will send fists skyward on the dance floor, ‘Just An Illusion’ is a prickly roller with hot chord stabs and magic melodies and as well as the upright jack of ‘Tatoune’, Dave Seaman then guests on ‘Ines’, a monstrous track that has robust drums and fat synths all working you into a lather. Lush outro ‘Miloune’ then brings you back down to earth with a sci-fi feel and rounds out what is a truly journeying album.


Describe the record in five words.

Diversity, versatility, heart, soul, happiness.

What is it about the record that will appeal to the fans?

I think I’ve made all my heart producing this new album. It is called ‘My Girls’ because it is dedicated to the women of my life, my fiancé, my daughter , my mother and my two sisters. it is something that you can listen at home, from down tempo to techno. I think, hope, everybody can like something into it.

How does it differ from your last release?

The majority of my last release were dance floor oriented. When I am producing an EP, it very often for DJ’s and clubs. The album is such a different thing, I tried to make different music in different styles.

What was the inspiration for this release?

Like I said it is dedicated to the women I love. The first album was dedicated to my son and called ‘My Superhero’. People around me are a true inspiration for me. I like the relations between people, I have a awesome atempt with my friends and family, that’s the main inspiration for me

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?

I had the chance to play in very good clubs like Rex, Studio 80, Panorama Bar etc.   I think I would love to play in a club in Ibiza, the island is a very special place for me, not only for the clubs but for the lifestyle. So definitely I would love to do a live set at Amnesia for example.

The My Girls album is out now and available here.

Check out Acumen’s minimix of the collection below…

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