Pablo del Monte’s top 5 tracks! May12


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Pablo del Monte’s top 5 tracks!

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2015 has seen the launch of East Recordings, the sister label to London based Brick Lane Radio.  With a roster of artists from east London and internationally, the charge was lead for the debut release by label boss Paul Whelan. After a decade making beats in pop/urban Paul has returned to his first love: dance music.  Now using his (tongue-in-cheek) Pablo del Monte moniker, Paul previously had success in the mid-noughties with breaks and tech-house act ECT going out on the seminal UK tech-house label Eukatek and playing regularly at The End nightclub (RIP). In short, he’s a man who knows his dance tunes, so we put him to the sword and asked for his top 5 ever!!!

Pablo del Monte top 5 tracks:

1. Alive – Quibiko – Incorrect Music

Alive is a proper house track in keeping with the current trend for deep male vocals and is doing serious damage on the floors at the moment. It’s a newbie but he has to make my list no doubt and is sure to be around for a long time!

2. Asadinho presents Dendrology – Asadinho – RvS 

Dendrology is Asadinho’s album so is not one track per se, but all the songs on the album are stunning deep dreamy disco. I believe he worked on it for a number of years and it tells. The guy is making the best house music in the world at the moment in my opinion.

3. The Drums – Richy Ahmed – Hot Creations

Richy Ahmed’s The Drums has been out for a year but still jacks like a mule and every time I ever play it in a set, the place goes OFF!

4. Raining On Me (Pablo del Monte Remix) – dj-Vox – East Recordings

My remix of dj-Vox’s Raining On Me is out on East Recordings in May – the whole EP (Walking In The Rain) is wicked, and should see this US producer break through this year.

5. Heart Starts (Phil Weeks Remix )-  Got Some – Defected

Phil Weeks’s Heart Starts is another one doing well currently and has an old school US house feel reminding me of DJ Sneak.  What all these tracks have in common is that they are all proper house tunes.

Pablo Del Monte’s EP ‘Rotate’ is out now on East Recordings

Buy it here –

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