In depth with Julio Bashmore

Speaking at an intimate show at The Redbull Studios (Studio Science) on Friday, Julio Bashmore had a plethora of equipment at hand showcasing his intricate methods of production. From being an avid fan of YouTube to becoming a master on the 808, the Bristol spinner has been one the highlights within the UK clubbing culture for the past 6 years. With his recent release with Bixby setting unprecedented heights we sit down to chat about his forthcoming album in July. We also mull over his love for the synth that championed the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 and his truly amazing bond with The Red Bull Academy.

You made some of the album here, was that always an idea for you?

You know I can’t remember the initial chat but we had been talking about it for a while before it came around. I used to travel over from Bristol quite a bit to use their studios here; plus being in central London pretty much has its plusses and of course its free.

Always a plus…

Absolutely ha!

And it was this same room you did your seminar in that you created the album?

Yeah this room and the studio next door.

You spoke heavily about using You Tube as an inspiration in a lot of your work. Are there any special inspirations outside of YouTube for the album?

You know what, I actually moved slightly away from that theory this time, even though generally I have had that in mind. I wanted to step away from that traditional approach and test my self a little further. I worked a lot with guys like Bixby who are amazing musicians and who I have learned so much from. This album was an experience of me going in a different direction and being more adventurous. With this album I got the chance to experiment with more real instruments which was amazing.

And the release date, do have one set in stone?

July as it stands.

From the way you spoke today, it sounds like you very much improvise as you go along with the track is that a fair comment?

It’s all improvised man of course. The point I was trying to get across in the seminar was that there are no set rules to making that track you want. It’s all about getting in the studio and doing it. I think people do get a little taken back by equipment or hardware but with a little push and some hours you can really create something special.

And just quickly because its right in front of me who would be the one person you really like to see on the 808 or that you admire the most?

Well of course it would depend on genre as there are some seriously talented guys that can perform on these. But probably slightly typical but I really rate Egyptian Lover, who wouldn’t? He actually taught me lot actually. He showed me some really unique and effective ways to use the 808 that have stuck with me.

How has your set up developed since you first started and us the one thing you always stuck by? And rely on?

The one thing I still rely on thats probably not equipment related is to always look at other music to check out and trust in gaining inspiration. I think some artists scratch their heads for too long looking for new developments to just arrive but it’s not always like that. Going back to the YouTube angle I think there are always ways of finding focus and developing your music. Everyone has to be inspired by something you know? So I rely on listening to a wider range of music to answer your question.

And whilst we are here in the amazing studios, what does red bull mean to you as a brand? and how would you have progressed on your path if you didn’t have it?

Yeah, you know I have a lot to thank the guys at Red Bull who have had amazing trust in me down the years. I have been able to work with Bixby, Tiga, Jessie and people that have just flown in and dropped by; it’s been mental. Having the studio here pretty much bang in the centre of London has meant that we can all come together and has kept the traveling to a minimum. If I’d have not had that I’d have been in the middle of nowhere in Bristol and not been able to develop my skills or meet these people and it would have naturally been a harder progression. Red Bull have let me get on with stuff in my own time and pace as well which has meant a lot to me.

And Bristol has been a hotbed of talent, do you think you’ve been a catalyst in helping the city come into the forefront with other artists? As it seems to be thriving with talent right now.

I’d like to think that I’ve helped bring the city into the limelight, I can’t or would never take all the credit of course but I think at the start definitely. Everyone was playing dubstep so it enabled me to find some crazy sounds and push the envelope that little further. Obviously there are some guys now that are smashing it and it really is amazing to see. You can just see the Hessle Audio guys and Joy (Orbison) Eats and so on just really putting us on the map on a regular basis and that’s cool.

Your YouTube methods are quite unique what’s the weirdest thing you’ve found?

You know I’m not sure I can tell you as there has been some pretty peculiar stuff that is pretty eye watering. YouTube has some crazy people signed up! Musically I found a technical video from the Los Angles 1984 Olympics that has the most amazing synth intro and man its unbelievable. Try and find it if you can…

I know you spoke about hardware and software all being as common as each other now, it sounded like you’re in favour of that? To a person trying to break the mould what would you say to encourage them?

I’m luckily in a position to say hardware which is now such a big part of what I do, especially the 808. To be honest I wouldn’t want to choose but I would just love to the ability to sample what I wanted at any given time. I love what you can do on Ableton as well and it seems to be improving all the time.

And with collaborations, can we expect any more?

To be honest right now I’ve been locked in the studio and focusing on Dj’ing. I’ve had a little time off as well to recharge but you never know there could be something around the corner. You never know who you bump into, especially at the studios here.

And playing in the UK where is the best place to perform right now?

A question that I can easily answer, Glasgow. I have been┬áthis one a few times and you just can’t beat the atmosphere. There are some awesome places to play and we are really lucky in the UK but Glasgow’s fans, residents and clubs just all marry to make one amazing night each time I’m there.

And finally, festival season is nearly upon us, where can we see you?

You know I do have a few coming up, but honestly I try and only find out a few days before sometimes. I kind of get caught up in it all and my girlfriend goes mad at me knowing I’m flying all over.

Ha, really? Well thanks man, really appreciate the time..

No worries Rob, good to speak man.

Julio is part of the UK Red Bull Academy Tour –

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