Artwork Interview


Rob: What are you working on at the moment, production wise?

Artwork: I’m just finishing something for Jackmasters label ‘Numbers’. I’m doing a couple of remixes, and we are working on some techno stuff as well under an old name that I had like fifteen years ago called ‘Grain’.

Rob: Where is that going?

Artwork: It’s going on a label called Fatcat, which is the label that put it out fifteen years ago.

Rob: So obviously you are playing at Rise Festival. An exciting brand new festival. Are you looking forward to it?

Artwork: Yes absolutely! I’ve just learnt to ski as well over the last year or so, so I’m slightly confident I won’t kill myself! Hahaha

Rob: Haha and Outbreak festival, have you enjoyed yourself here?

Artwork: It’s massive! It’s huge! I’m pretty blown away by it. Although I just went into room 2 to see Nina Kraviz and they messed up that room because they put a massive ride in there with all the lights on and it’s killing the room because it’s all dark techno stuff with this big illumination ride! They need to switch that off!

Rob: So just going back to summer because I haven’t spoken to you for a while. What was your favourite thing over the summer?

Artwork: I think it was definitely Bestival. It absolutely kills it! With the lineup it’s always really cool and everybody there is just always on a good vibe! There are no idiots there!

Rob: And I know you have played at Hideout and you love the team behind that that one….

Artwork: Yeah that’s the pinnacle of all the stuff going on in Croatia. It’s a really fun atmosphere out there.

Rob: What’s your opinion on Leeds? Is it still the pinnacle of the whole country for dance music or has the return of London getting the line-ups back challenged that title?

Artwork: I love Leeds! Every time I play Leeds it’s pretty special.

Rob: So Magnetic man, obviously Benga doesn’t DJ anymore, but is there any new stuff coming out? Basically where is Benga?

Artwork: Benga is making some amazing music, he plays me bits and pieces and it’s so good. He is going to come back out of nowhere and it’s going to sound incredible!! It’s completely like nothing else! So listen out.

Rob: So new stuff together could be on the horizon then as the trio?

Artwork: It’s one of these things, if it happens it happens but we’ve never really had a plan. It’s always been day to day what happens. We’ve never really been a business-orientated sort of act. However there maybe something coming soon you maybe interested in…

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