60 Seconds with Volac Oct27


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60 Seconds with Volac

1) How are you? How was summer, what was good, what was bad?

 Yo! We are super good! Summer was awesome. We were touring in Brazil for a month. It was amazing. Then we went to the motherland to waste money and spend time with friends and family!


2) How did you guys first meet? What made you want to work together?

 We’ve been friends since we were 7 years old and  we don’t actually remember how we met each other. We think the first time we met was in a sandbox J.


3) Do you have similar or different backgrounds musically?

 We grew up on hip-hop music. It was only in 2005 we first discovered electronic music.


4) Do you have set jobs in the studio, so one on bass, one on drums or whatever?

 Each time is different. Sometimes we work together, sometimes separately. It depends on the idea. We can start to work separately but in the end, we finish all the racks together.


5) And when you DJ how does it work? Do you have half hour each or play one record each or what?

 Every time before the gig we prepare a playlist and for live sets we choose what tracks to play together depending on the vibe of the dance floor.


6) Tell us about your studio – what gear is in there, what favourite toys have you got?

 We don’t actually have a personal studio but we rent different studios all the time. At home we have good ‘’dynaudio” speakers, some microphones and audiocard “m-audio”.  And of course our favorite toy which is absolutely amazing are iPhone earpods! Haha!


7) How do you start on a track – can you hear it in your head or is it more trial and error?

 Every time it’s something special. We can listen to some hip hop tracks and get inspired by the bass line. Then we’ll try to make something similar but with a different idea and interpretation.


8) Do you make them with labels in mind or make them then try and get them signed or?

 We have tried to make tracks in the labels style but it doesn’t work for us anymore. Personally the best thing that works for us is to create something that we love and feel. We try to create our own style and then we start looking for a label.


9) Tell us about your new one on CUFF – how did you link with that label?

 It is our 4th EP on CUFF. When we finished the tracks we immediately sent them to Amine Edge & DANCE. At that moment they were definitely our best tracks and after 2 weeks we recieved a reply from Amine saying they were ready to sign the tracks.


10) What inspired or influenced the tunes?

We watched a funny interview of some gangsters on TV. Then we decided to cut some phrases from the interview and use them for the beginning of our tracks.


11) Where and when were they written?

‘Turn My Music’ was created about 1.5 years ago, when we lived in Saint Petersburg with our homie Yara93. The ‘Uzi’ track was made in Moscow about 8-10 months ago and both of these tracks complimented each other.

Volac’s ‘Uzi’ Ep is out now on CUFF Records

Grab it here – https://www.beatport.com/release/uzi-ep/1849761

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