60 seconds with Roger Sanchez


Roger Sanchez needs no introduction but with the new lease of life within his productions its well worthy of one. Ready for the summer ahead we chat to the S-man about life, music and releasing some heavyweight cuts under his legendary moniker.

How is Roger Sanchez keeping these days? What’s going on in your life?

I’m good! It’s been a very busy time working hard in the studio and touring as well as my radio show.

Where are you based these days? What’s it like?

Currently I’m in Ny but during the summer I’ll be in Ibiza- it has been a bit of a deep freeze this last winter!

Were you at the Miami WMC – how was it?

Miami was great though a bit rainy this year. I had my Undr The Radr party at E11 and it was great! Lots of very talented Djs played with me including Amine Edge &Dance, Oliver $ and Jesse Rose, Secondcity and many others.

How has it changed over the years for you? What parties were you playing at?

It is definitely more focused on events for me but there are so many events now that it’s a bit overkill now. Add Ultra Festival to that and it’s a bit crazed! Still lots of fun however.

What’s your opinion on the whole EDM thing?

I think “EDM” is phasing itself out- it’s a bit of a parody these days, musically. It’s good to see that real house music and underground sounds have come back and there is more creativity back on the floors again.

In terms of your musical career, at what stage do you think you’re at with it all?

I’ve rediscovered the roots of my sound and having a lot of fun -it’s a period of re invention for me and it’s exiting again.

And why was now the right time to go back to the S-Man stuff?

I felt it was the right time. Musically things have swing back to a place that is very similar to when the S-man first appeared. I’m having so much fun with it now.

Did you ever stop loving that S-Man sound?

I have always loved those raw, dirty beats from the S-man!

Talk to us a bit about your relationship with Hard Times if you would…

It’s a bit surreal to think that when Hard Times first started , I was a driving force behind he sound and it looks like we have come full circle again!

And what does the label stand for in your opinion? Is there a general aesthetic that runs through the release?

Very much like the first time around I feel it stands for dance floor driven House music/ beats that rock when djs drop them!

What have you learned about the music industry since you first became involved?

I’ve learned that what goes around comes around and to always stay true to what you love – it will always come back!

What sort of labels and producers do you look up to these days for inspiration?

I’m into a lot of the current underground producers like Cera Alba, Danny Daze, labels like Off & Moon Harbour.

Are you interested in other strands of music too?House music aside, what’s your favourite record of all time?

I love Hip Hop and Jazz. My favorite record- hmmm- quite possibly Massive Attack – Protection. That is timeless.

I believe you’re playing PACHA Festival soon too – can you tell us a bit about that one? Have you played before?

I love that festival! Last year I played back 2 back with Kenny Dope and that was fun- this year I’m on with Bontan- he rocked it at my Undr The Radr party last ADE so I’m looking forward to playing with him on this one.

And what else have you coming up this summer that you’re particularly excited about?

I have a ton of Collabos with new producers like Tough Love, Oliver $, Carnao Beats and more and also a new Roger Sanchez track ready to drop – can’t wait!

S-Man’s Time 2 Stop (remixes) are out soon on the Hard Times label. He performs Pacha Festival on May 23rd – www.pachafestival.com

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