60 Seconds with PAWSA May12


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60 Seconds with PAWSA


PAWSA has made a big impact with his fulsome house sounds on labels like Relief and Deep Tech before now, and is also a DJ of some repute. He has plenty of dexterous skills and a vast knowledge of house and more besides, and as such has played all over the UK, Ibiza and many other places in between. We caught up with the guy for a quick chat…

EQTV: I want to start straight away with asking about your new release out on Lost Records. Tell us a little about your thinking behind the track and how it got put together?

PAWSA: ‘The Ride’ was inspired by a bike ride I went on after a long weekend of gigs. I took some field recordings and based the track around them.  I love the downtime in-between hectic weekends, this is when I feel most inspired. 

EQTV: How did your relationship start out with Lost Records? They have a number of fresh new talent on their roster at the moment and it must feel like a good moment to be on board with these guys. 

PAWSA: I sent a demo of ‘Pilot’ a couple of years ago and the guys loved it, from there the relationship naturally progressed. It’s great working with people that trust your sound and allow you the creative freedom that every artist enjoys.

EQTV: Which DJ’s are currently standing out and making you take notice at the moment?

PAWSA: I play pretty much everything Wade sends me. I also play a lot music from  Tiger Stripes, Marino Canal & Sable Sheep.

EQTV: What is your current production and live set-up?

PAWSA: In the studio I use Ableton Live which I find so inspiring and creative. On the road I really enjoy playing vinyl. I love the raw simplicity and excitement of it. I also use USB’s for demos & promos etc.

EQTV: You’re a man based in London, what changes have you noticed on the dance scene over the last 5-10 years?

PAWSA: I think the scene is in a great place right now. As a Londoner I feel that clubs like fabric are such an integral part of our culture.  Solid Grooves are another example of one of London’s finest.  I’m super excited that they have asked me back to play with them again this summer.

EQTV: I imagine for summer you have lots of festival and Ibiza appearances, but is there one place that you can recommend to our readers that might not be as much on the radar that they could catch you at and you are excited about?

PAWSA: Barcelona. If you haven’t been to Sonar I’d suggest you book the week off and head out there. Beautiful weather, women, music and food – heaven!

PAWSA’S release ‘Phaneron’ is out now on Lost Records

Buy it here – https://pro.beatport.com/release/phaneron-ep/1499160

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